JLA New World Order Review (Vol 1)

JLA New World Order Review (Vol 1)

JLA (Vol 1) New World Order Review by Deffinition as Part Of Graphic Novel Talk and the Batman Canonlogical Read Through

JLA (Vol 1) New World Order Review by Deffinition as Part Of Graphic Novel Talk and the Batman Canonlogical Read Through

JLA New World Order Review by Deffinition. Contains Spoilers

Batman has been through many trials and tribulations. Whether it was taking down the mob in The Long Halloween or having his back broken by Bane in Knightfall, there have been several tests. However, Upon the formation of The Justice League in Trinity it always seemed that whilst his place was deserved, he was slightly out of his depth.

Justice League New World Order focuses on this point by throwing the character in at the deep end. With the rest of the team, he faces his first intergalactic test, The Hyperclan.
Due to my love of the characters in the team and high appreciation for Grant Morrisson I am very eager to jump on and retread the cementation of Batman as one of the World’s Finest. So with that out the way let’s jump in to JLA: New World Order!
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The Day The Earth Stood Still

The book opens with the Hyperclan arriving on Earth in a scene very similar to Independence Day. This, not so subtly, provides a little clue as to their intentions. It’s dramatic, over the top and fully belongs in a 90’s comic book. I love it!
They announce that they are here to save the planet and begin by turning the Sahara desert into a paradise. Naturally the Justice League don’t trust them. I mean what’s to like when the new guys are doing your job better than you?
The alien group are extremely charismatic and the population of Earth quickly rally behind them, praising them for their policies on killing criminals. They are clear parodies of the Justice League, packed with a speedster, a Superman-esque member, Wonder Woman-light and a towering giant. They possess all of their strengths and none of the politics that often bog down the League. They are the perfect saviours…or so it would seem.
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Hyper Active

When the Hyperclan begin executing super villains (one that looks VERY similar to Wolverine, perhaps a nod to Morrison’s X-men days) their duplicitous nature is confirmed.
 In the first chapter it was hard to pick fault with them but when their actions upgrade to murder they don’t sit well with the league. Superman scans the airwaves and upon discovering that the Hyperclan are using mind control to brain wash the populus, the Justice League finalise a plan to take them down.
I love the brevity that Morrisson tells the tale with from the off. This condensed method of story telling is able to quickly relay points to the reader that most other writers would spend issues setting up. I really enjoyed the way that the set up was dealt with quickly so that we could get to the meat of the story but understand that some readers may have difficulties with it. When the League eventually confront the Clan it is very black and white. Wonder Woman asks them their attentions and they immediately inform her that they are here to destroy the planet. Whilst it may have been better for them to attempt to convince the league that they were good it would only drag down the story in a way that it doesn’t need. We know the clan are evil, we want to see them taken down, anything else is just noise.

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Batman Vs The Hyperclan in JLA New World Order

Justice League Down

The Hyperclan easily defeat the League one by one. Taking them as prisoner, except for Batman who they see as only human. After the Batwing crashes they leave him to die in the fire that engulfs it. This is where Batman has his moment of clarity and realises exactly who the Hyperclan are.
We are treated to one of comics most Badass moments. Members of the Hyperclan surround Batman, taunting him and it’s seems as if it is over for the Dark Knight. It’s only upon seeing him producing a single lit match that the Hyperclan realise they have stumbled into a trap. Batman has realised from their skill set and fear of fire that they are White Martians. He smirks as he starts the fire. The man was ‘only human’ beats the crap out of the superior race and we are given one of the caped crusader’s most triumphant moments.
I love that Morrisson from the off knew that The Dark Knight was underrated and chose to put him in a situation that would seem impossible to most. It really allowed the naysayers to realise just how distinctively powerful Batman is and how his position in the league is always assured due to his cunning mind.
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The Most Dangerous Man On Earth

Superman, psychosomatically weak due to the illusion of Kryptonite soon realises that they are Martians due to the commotion that Batman causes. He breaks out of the spell, frees the Justice League and one by one The Hyperclan fall.
It’s a brilliant climax that deals with the threat of Super villains in an in genius way. Rather than killing the Hyperclan, the League merely hypnotise them and force them to believe that they are human. In a bitter twist they end up becoming the thing they mocked and tried to rule.
Morrisson once again secures himself as one of the most creative writers in the industry and the conclusion is one to be garnered by all.
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The Verdict

Morrisson’s debut with The Justice League is ground breaking and an epic that should be read by all comic book fans. The acclaimed author is able to innovate whilst also homaging canon and he allows every character to have their moment in the spotlight.
New World Order not only works as a Justice League story, it also showcases a brilliant superhero tale in general. This is essential reading for fans of Morrisson and should be considered by all who are looking to get into Superhero team.
It works brilliant as an introduction for newbies and as an adventure that veteran readers can pick up and enjoy.
That’s why New World Order gets a…


As I read through the Batman Graphic Novels in Chronological Order each week, I will be ranking them from Best to Worst. Click the link below to be taken to the full list. Updated every new review.

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