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INSANE DETAILS In Spider-Man No Way Home | Easter Eggs, Hidden Details And Things You Missed

spiderman no way home ending explained breakdown

Ok so Spider-Man No Way Home is now out on 4k Blu Ray and after I picked up the new steel book last week I’ve gone through the film with a fine-tooth comb to find some insane details in it. Huge thank you to everyone who checked out our last easter egg video which had some multiverse breaking cameos to bring you almost every hidden detail in the film. However, there was still more to be unearthed and throughout this breakdown, we’ll be going through 15 new things that I’m pretty sure haven’t been mentioned anywhere else.

So sit back, strap yourself in and come with us as we do another, nother breakdown of Spider-man No Way Home.

Now the movie brings across several villains from the Marvel Universe in order to make one of the best comic book showdowns ever. Though we don’t get a shirtless doctor Octopus, we do get things that go beyond just the characters coming back and many of the makeup techniques are reused from the prior movies.

In the original Spider-man film Willem Dafoe pretty much took on two personas in both Norman Osborn and The Green Goblin. In order to subtly differentiate between the two the costume department actually gave him fake teeth to straighten up his grin when he was being the guy that’s somewhat of a scientist himself. However, when he stepped into the Goblin persona, these were removed so that Dafoe’s sharp incisors and the gap in the middle could be seen.

This is something that also pops up in No Way Home and when Norman is putting together the cures and we can see that his teeth are fake throughout it whereas when Tom Holland is punching him later, his grin has a gap in the middle.

Now, this cure scene also has lots of hidden details in it that showcase why the cure didn’t work for Norman. Huge shoutouts to Canadian Lad for pointing out that we get a scene in which we can see how far along the cures are for the villains. Max Dillons gets completed whereas we can see that Norman’s is only about 80% done. It’s a really cool detail that explains why May injecting him had no effect and beyond that, I actually think that Goblin never wanted it to work.

We get the excellent scene with Doc Ock and Osborn where he clearly hints toward him being the only one in control.

Therefore I think that Osborn purposely didn’t want to cure himself and no matter what had happened he never would’ve created one that could’ve taken out the Goblin. This is why the cure only works later on when Tobey steps in because he’s figured out a way to undo everything in him without him meddling in the process.

Again huge shoutouts to Canadian Lad for that initial detail, the guys did an absolutely amazing breakdown on the movie that it actually made me mad to watch because of how good it was. I even had to drop some details because of it so go check it out after this if you wanna see some of the things you missed…and by you I mean me.

spiderman no way home movie ending explained breakdown tobey maguire andrew garfield tom holland

Spider-Man Callbacks

Now Tobey Maguire is a massive part of the movie and though there are lots of callbacks to his character that are on the nose, there are two really subtle ones that I haven’t seen pointed out yet. When Peter first enters the doughnut shop, MJ waves at him but it’s revealed that this is actually to Ned. Jump back to the first Spider-man movie and we get a scene in that in which MJ seems to wave at Peter but it’s actually to her friends standing behind him.

In the credits when we get the cast names there’s one of MJ and this has several markings on it. There’s the sketch that she drew of him in detention on the left-hand side, fragments of his letter just below it and clearly, she’s wondering who Peter Parker is.

However, if we look in the top right corner you can see that the words ‘Who Am I?’ are written upside down which with the magic of editing we will now flip around.

Who Am I is a really important phrase in the Spider-man universe as it’s the line that opened up the first Spider-man movie.

Peter went to see MJ amongst the Donuts and to tell her she got Deez nuts.

Now Tobey’s experience is shown throughout the movie and there’s a tonne of subtle little things that the VFX artists do to really flesh out the characters. After Andrew and Tobey are both electrocuted the latter kneels down in pain whereas the former manages to stand on his feet and recover quicker. This is because in his own universe he insulated elements of his suit so that he was more resistant to electricity.

When Andrew and Tobey drop down to meet Tom for the first time if you zoom in and follow Tobey on his fall you might notice a little subtle thing he does.

Tobey actually touches the ledge for a split second to slow his fall and I think this detail is absolutely brilliant. Whereas Andrew just drops down normally, Tobey runs his hand on it for probably less than a second and it just shows how he’s more precise.

During the bridge fight Peter ends up catching the car before it dangles over the edge and he strains to hold it in place. Knowing that Doc Ock is right around the corner he can’t spend long doing this so he throws a web bomb which he attaches the first web too. This then explodes and throws webbing between the smashed segments of the bridge, holding the car in place so Peter can go face off against Otto.

Statue Of Liberty

There’s also a brilliant moment when Andrew gets blasted by Electro whilst he’s on top of the Statue of Liberty.

As he goes flying off you might notice that his foot is on fire and this is because a piece of the tarp that was covering it is stuck to it.

The Statue Of Liberty is made from Copper and thus if it was hit with a bolt of electricity it would become a conductor for it which would generate heat.

So the Tarp on the top would set on fire and as Andrew is acting instinctively and he hasn’t really thought about disengaging the suction on his feet it sticks to him whilst it’s still on fire.

The statue is also bronze rather than its typical green but this is actually the colour that it was originally. You might have noticed on some pennies that they turn green after some time and this is because the element reacts to oxygen in the air which changes it’s pigmentation.

The same thing happened with the Statue however it’s been cleaned up as part of the renovation work in order to add the shield.

Now speaking of shields, when we cut to Happy’s apartment we can also catch the one from Iron Man 2 in the security feed. There’s also his boxing equipment which he wore in that movie and Happy in the comics was a boxer which kinda ties into that.

Really good attention to detail there and another great one in the apartment happens with Electro later on. Just before the TV turns on if you zoom in on his hand you can actually see that he shoots out a tiny, almost imperceptible jolt of electricity to power it up.

Such a cool detail that’s really difficult to catch.

There’s also Tom’s suit which we see dissolve into his belt device when he lands on the bridge. Hidden just under his jacket the nanotech retracts into it and if you look at his shadow on the left-hand side you can also see that changes along with him as the costume retracts.

This leaves Peter’s suit really wrinkled and we also see the wrinkles on his blue shirt later on when he’s in the Sanctorum carrying this over. With all those creases, I think he needs an Iron…man…

Oh, wait he’s dead.

spiderman no way home tobey maguire andrew garfield

Peter Parker Erased

Anyway, the movie ends with Peter somewhat also being dead as he completely removes the memory of himself from everyone’s minds. Now throughout the film, there are several shots that hint at how MJ and Ned would continue their friendship and when Damage Control first show up at May’s we get a quick cut of a photograph of the pair from Prom.

This later shows up at Ned’s grandma’s house and I think it’s really interesting how the photograph is just of the two. It’s completely missing Peter and they could pretty much keep this up around their house without ever questioning why it’s there.

Peter ends up going to MJ with a speech that he’s clearly practised later on and this shows he learned from his mistake earlier in the movie of not preparing his MIT speech.

Now he does this so he doesn’t forget what he wants to say and speaking of’s actually possible that Strange makes Peter forget him messing up the spell.

I love this little line and it could so that Strange carried out the spell six times instead of just five times.

This might be because when Strange said he wanted the entire world to forget that he’d be included in this too. However, he wanted to remember Peter so he altered the Spell for himself, made Peter forget about it and then continued with the other ones.

Might be a reach but ey, have to include that detail in the video cos I do quite like that theory.

Now the last thing I wanna talk about is Happy things are getting foggy, Hogan.

Throughout Homecoming, we watched as he was a punk to Peter and he constantly ignored his calls. However in No Way Home, after the apartment scene, Happy ends up calling Peter but he can’t get through.

Thus he leaves him a voicemail and well well well how the turntables.

Let’s end with a joke.

Who does Peter meet at Aunt May’s grave at the end of the movie?

Sad Hogan.


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