Infinity Gauntlet Review

Infinity Gauntlet Review

Infinity Gauntlet Graphic Novel Review and Analysis by Deffinition

Infinity Gauntlet Graphic Novel Review and Analysis by Deffinition

Infinity Gauntlet Review By Deffinition

Infinity Gauntlet has a reputation that precedes it. Often cited as one of Marvel’s greatest sagas it’s hard not to have preconceptions of the work. Typically these are to a book’s detriment as time is rarely kind to comics and often older pieces don’t live up to the hype.

Due to the phenomenal release of Infinity War, thirst for this storyline is at a fever pitch for me and I can’t wait to dive in and see if it lives up to the expectations that I have. Even if I am a little cautious.

The cumbersome Avengers Vs Thanos prequel still lingers in my memory and I know that book’s from this era haven’t aged all that well. I’m desperate for it to do well but I have to be a realest.

Throughout this review I will be discussing the ins and outs of Infinity Gauntlet to let you know if it is worth new readers (like me) picking it up. There will be huge spoilers so it may be worth skipping to my score if you want to go into the book with fresh eyes.

Will this stand the test of the time stone? Or is Thanos better left forgotten? Let’s dive into Infinity Gauntlet and find out!

The Return of The Silver Surfer

Crashing through the roof of Doctor Strange’s Sanctum Sanctorum is The Silver Surfer. Similar to Hulk’s role in Infinity War he warns Strange that a great danger is coming, a danger that goes by the name of Thanos!

From here we follow the Mad Titan as he seeks the consort of Lady Death. Already possessing the Infinity Stones he is a God able to control time, space, reality and more. However, this fails to impress the sultry specter and this arc revolves around Thanos wiping out half of life in the Galaxy to impress her.

The romantic subplot is slightly dated by today’s standards and it fails to give a substantial reason as to Thanos’ overall scheme. There are jaw-droppingly bad moments such as Thanos creating the perfect woman to make death jealous and these had me rolling my eyes to no end. It’s clear why this aspect didn’t make it to the film and I found it incredibly hollow and unintentionally hilarious.

It really diminishes the threat of Thanos when he comes across like a heartbroken hulk of a man and this motif will either make or break the introduction for you. I tried my best to go with it, even though it was difficult. Luckily the creative team don’t focus on it too much and it doesn’t overstay it’s welcome to the point of completely derailing the book even if it does slightly mar certain scenarios.

Infinity War Graphic Novel

‘Millions Of Souls Blinking Out Of Existence’

Catching everyone off guard (myself included), Thanos wipes out half of the universe. It’s a cataclysmic event that adds an aspect of maturity to the work and the genocide feels completely devastating. This impact ripples through the Galaxy and our heroes band together in order to stop the threat of Thanos before he can do even more damage.

At the helm is the resurrected Adam Warlock and I loved seeing the character return to the Marvel books. He is an excellent accomplished leader and readers will find him easy to gravitate towards as he sets out on his quest to save the universe.

It’s a testament to Starlin’s writing that he is able to balance so many characters from the Marvel Universe and develop them in interesting ways. From tiny imps all the way up to Galactus, each character is handled perfectly and all enhance the storyline in their own specific way which elevates the work beyond the run of the mill comic.

Cosmic Battle On The Edge Of The Universe

What I adore about the book is it’s feeling of epicness. When the attack on Thanos is launched our heroes really feel like the underdogs. Near powerless against the night of The Mad Titan he swats them out of the sky with gleeful delight. It’s harrowing to watch and the deaths come thick and fast in all manner of ways. There is such diversity to The Infinity Stones that it makes every battle feel innovative and new and readers will be hooked throughout the conflict.

The book becomes awash with colour and there are several striking segments that will stick in your mind long after you put the book down. The twists and turns come at breakneck speed and I loved watching my favourite comic book characters battle for possession of the glove. It’s hard not to become completely enthralled in the climax and this incredible finale tops off the book in spectacular fashion.

The Verdict

Whilst slightly dated by today’s standards, Infinity Gauntlet is still essential reading. This is a comic book cornerstone and the work by Starlin showcases how groundbreaking and epic the medium can be.

I loved Infinity Gauntlet and though it has its flaws it still left me with the feeling that I had witnessed something breathtaking and unrivaled.

You owe it to yourself to pick this up.

The book gets a solid…


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