I found Every Easter Egg In THE BATMAN (2022)

I found Every Easter Egg In THE BATMAN (2022)

Monday, April 18th, the Batman is now out on HBO Max. I’ve given the whole movie a shakedown and have unearthed every single easter egg, hidden detail and element in it that makes it one of the best comic book movies of all time.

Throughout this video, we’re gonna be going through the movie frame by frame to point out all the things you may have missed whilst cementing ourselves as the world’s worst spoiler detective.

They think I’m hiding in the spoilers, I am the spoilers and that’s why I’m giving you your last chance to make like Gil Colson and head off before we ruin the movie.

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Ok, so the movie sees Batman facing off against the Riddler who pulls heavily from a lot of serial killers in both real life and fiction.

This includes eyewitness sketches of the Zodiac Killer who appeared very similar to his design. Much like Riddler, Zodiac had his own symbol and he used to taunt the police and media with Cyphers that detailed his crimes. Beyond this, there are a lot of horror icons that influence certain things in the film. We open with Riddler watching the Mayor’s son and this first-person view was also used in the opening of Halloween. When he later kills Gil Colson, the framing of this whole scene is also extremely in line with the car murder that Michael Myers does in the first film.

Matt Reeves also stated that he took a lot of inspiration from the opening scene of the conversation which featured a voyeur stalking people through binoculars. Silence of the lambs makes a big impact too and when Batman goes to Arkham we see that the shots are set up in a very similar way to what happens when Clarice meets Hannibal Lector for the first time. When Batman first enters the Mayor’s home the police stand and stare at him in a way that they also did to Clarice when she surveyed a crime scene in that film.

The way Batman operates is similar to a horror villain like Jason Vorhees and like them, he tends to walk slowly towards his prey as an intimidation tactic to let them know there’s no escape.

Both The Riddler and Batman first appear from the shadows and the pair are meant to mirror each other throughout the movie. Their costumes have similar nose pieces, they, of course, wear masks and are both Orphans.

They also both keep diaries and also spy on people using binoculars.

The Riddler

Now though he’s a far cry from the clownish Riddler that we’ve seen in prior films like Batman Forever, there is a slight nod to his past incarnation. Riddler wears clear frame glasses over his mask and these look exactly the same as the ones that Jim Carrey wore in that film.

He very much riffs on Batman Earth One volume 2 in which he was a terrorist that placed explosives around the city. Riddler would challenge the police and Batman to solve his puzzles within a certain time limit and if they didn’t manage to he’d detonate his traps.

Now though we fully encounter him in the Mayors home within the opening five minutes, there’s actually a split second shot at the start of the movie where you can catch him. Through his eyes, we watch as he surveys the scene and when he looks up to the roof, if you pause the footage and zoom in, you can catch him in the reflection of the glass. Really creepy detail and there’s another moment where we can find him hidden in a scene.

At one point we cut to a wide shot of the iceberg lounge and if you look in the top left-hand corner, you can catch Edward sitting in his room taking photos. Had Batman simply thought about where the nightclub images were taken, he would’ve realised that they were from this point and could’ve caught the guy even earlier.

Another moment in this scene that is important to look out for is the DA’s SUV which we can see down the road just behind Selina. Nashton would’ve seen this several times and he’d know that Colson often parked there and that it was a position he’d be able to strike from.

He ends up strapping an explosive collar to his neck and this actually pulls from a real-life bank robbery that was documented in the Netflix film evil genius.

Now other cool details are that we of course meet his helpers at the mayor’s funeral and this guy pops up later at the end of the movie to announce that he’s vengeance.

Shortly after this Gil Colson is sent in and his licence plate reads S39 7WD which is a reference to Detective Comics 27, released all the way back in 1939.

Many of the officers in the movie are from the 39th Precinct as well and like Batman says…it’s all…all connected.

Been waiting to use that.

During the live stream, there’s also a comment that says ‘hope it’s a dud and we gotta do it all again Tuesday which sets up the attack that comes at the end of the movie.

With the first murder happening on October 31st, we can work out that the final stage of the plan is November 5th which may be a reference to Bonfire Night. On the 5th of November 1605, Guy Fawkes took part in the Gunpowder plot in which he attempted to blow up parliament. Had it succeeded this would have completely destabilised the British Government more than party gate and I think Reeves is very much giving a nod to that with the date.

The Livestream also has some puns in it which I love like saying mind-blowing stuff and this is going to be such a blast.


the batman batmobile robert pattinson matt reeves

Bruce In The Shadows

Now in the movie Batman very much neglects the Bruce Wayne side of his life, but had he paid attention to it, he would’ve unearthed the renewal project early on. Alfred tells him that it won’t be long before he goes bust and thus he calls in the accountants.

Bruce doesn’t really seem to care about this but had he paid attention to the books then he would’ve found out straight away that his funds were being funnelled into the pockets of the corrupt people in Gotham.

That’s why I make the better Batman…

Truth be told I love this detail and it’s something that’s popped up in a lot of early Batman stories. Both Batman Earth One and Zero Year had him completely ignoring the Bruce Wayne persona because he didn’t see it as being useful. However, at the end of the comics, he embraced it because he realised it gave him another avenue into Gotham into which he could take down the corrupt elite. Batman slowly works his way up through the ranks throughout the movie and he starts off with low-level thugs, moves up to gangsters, takes down the person that runs the entire city and then stops a supervillain. A nice form of growth throughout the and what’s….what’s this.

Dammit, I’ll get you Riddler.

Also in Wayne Manor, we can catch that he has an electric guitar and an amp which was difficult to spot on first watch because this column was in the way….yeah…hmmmmm.

Now Selina also plays a big part in the film. There’s a really subtle thing that they do with her that actually shows when she really likes someone and when it’s just an act.

Initially, she calls her Annika Baby and this is because she cares about her a lot.

Throughout the rest of the film, she calls everyone else Honey.

This even happens to Bruce however she finally calls him Baby after their kiss.

Now the film culminates with the seawall of Gotham being destroyed. This heavily pulls from books like Batman Zero year which featured the Riddler taking over Gotham after he flooded the city. However, the Riddler’s plan in this film is also heavily in line with the Jokers in the graphic novel The Man Who Laughs.

In that, the clown prince of crime kills several high ranking politicians and he even makes an attempt on Bruce Wayne’s life like what we have here. Come to the end of the work, Bruce discovers that Joker plans to use the reservoir to take down the city, much in the same way that Riddler does here.

Now the Seawall being destroyed is how the movie culminates and we actually get a hint towards it being weak at the start of the movie.

During the debate with Bella Real, he says that she wants to gut the Renewal project fun which will mean that vital seawall funds are also cut.

Beyond this, though we can also catch a newspaper wall chronicling Don’s wins and if you zoom in on the one below the L in lies, you can catch a mention of this.

It asks whether the Seawall construction has been stalled and due to the greed of the corrupt in Gotham it’s turned it into a weak point that the Riddler exploits.

Now the movie opens with the title card in big red letters and though this is completely disconnected from the Joaquin Pheonix film that too did something similar. I love this style for the movies that aren’t part of the DCEU and if you ask me, might be better to just do these standalone one Warner Bros, your universe is a mess. The artwork used for the film, namely its posters and banners all heavily used red and black imagery which feels like it’s based on the book Dark Victory.

The Animated Series

Over the weekend I also started binging through batman the animated series and upon opening up the boxset I immediately recognised the title card that being inline with the movie too.

Riddler catches the Mayor’s son in a ninja costume for Halloween and there are teases that he could end up being a Robin. He’s wearing red, practising martial arts and he also finds his father dead. The kid is clearly gonna be traumatised and ey, you’re robin now.

Inside the Mayor’s home, we see a headline detailing Maroni’s capture and in case you don’t know, he’s a gangster from the comics that ended up throwing acid in Harvey Dent’s face. This happened during The Long Halloween which this movie is heavily based upon. In it, a killer known as Holiday strikes mobsters on every holiday and he leaves clues behind at the scene of the crime. These attacks terrify Gotham and Batman ends up working with Gordon and Dent in what’s a year two story. It even has a section where Catwoman goes off on her own side story which was detailed in Catwoman when in Rome. In this, she attempted to uncover whether Falcone was her father but unlike in this movie, she never got an answer.

There’s even a section that’s ripped directly from that book and when Falcone talks about Thomas Wayne saving his life it’s pulled directly from the pages. He was shot several times, put on a table and operated on whilst Bruce sat looking down on him. This is very much mirrored in Falcone’s death later on when he’s shot and he lays on his back, looking up at Bruce.

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What the…what the hell was that.

Anyway, after The Riddler’s attack, we cut to the bat-signal lighting up and they use colour brilliantly here as we start with green which is linked in with the riddler.

Might be a reach.

He’s very much infecting the idea of what it means to be Batman or rather Vengeance and it’s very subtle having his colour be the thing that’s slowly breaking across the light that shines above the city.

And what a city it is, in our first wide shot we see the Gotham Empire, the odyssey which may be a nod to the book of the same name by Neal Adams.

The bank of Gotham and a little caesars advert. They ran a promotion alongside the movie with a Batman pizza that looked…look like ass bro.

There are also signs saying stop drops and these show up on the train too. Though we don’t learn what they are, it is likely that they’re linked to either joker or potentially scarecrow. The former was caught before this movie began and it could tie in with his origin story at ace chemicals.

Over the top of this scene, we hear Bruce’s narration.

Year One Hints

We later learn this is part of a journal entry and this somewhat riffs on Year One in which his narration was presented in the form of notepad entries.

This scene itself pulls heavily from Bruce’s first night going downtown in which he dressed up as a drifter and walked into the centre of Gotham looking to stop crime. Several of the same shots and angles are used and interestingly everyone around Bruce is in a costume.

He however is in what would be classed as normal clothes but this is very much a mask or rather disguise that he’s wearing as well in order to blend in.

It seems like it’s always raining in Gotham and I think bar the bat signal and final scene it pretty much is. Reeves said he did this intentionally in order to add to the detective noir feeling of the film. This was beautifully carried out in Blade Runner and Matt wanted Gotham to feel harsh and relentless, almost like it’s beating down on you constantly in every single aspect of it.

We cut to several crimes across the city including the robbery of the Good Times Grocery Store.

Reeves said that he chose to cast Pattinson because of the film Good Times, which is clearly a nod towards. Going beyond that the drop head also wears the exact same clothes that Pattinson had on in that movie and as I say.

It’s all connected.

Now there are also vandals messing up the bank of Gotham. It is possible that one of these is Anarky, a low-level Batman villain that uses Molotov cocktails and also spray paint to send his message.

However, who Batman is after is this black and white gang that appears to be based upon the Penguin’s goons from the comics. He made his forces wear the colours black and white just like a penguin and this design featured heavily in Arkham City. They are trialling a new member who only has half of his face painted showing that he’s not yet fully part of the gang. This actor plays Robin on Titans and I did kinda get the feeling that he might end up becoming influenced by Batman either as a new boy wonder or part of the sons of Batman from The Dark Knight Returns.

Batman stops them and they very much represent random acts of violence that don’t have a meaning, much like what took his parents.

It’s at this point that he introduces himself.

(i am weed)



(I am vengeance)

This is a direct nod to Batman Earth One when the caped crusader introduced himself like that to The Penguin.

During the fight, Batman busts out a shocking attack which we know from the book on the film is his taser glove.

There was a similar power-up in Arkham origins which…might be a reach. Now speaking of Arkham Origins, the Batsuit feels like it’s based on elements of that, however, it also brings in certain aspects of the suit from other iterations.

The cowl looks extremely similar to the one in Gotham By Gaslight and this also had a collar. This appeared in Batman White Night and the darts on the wrist also look extremely similar to the Talons from the New 52 run.

These were used as assassins by the court of owls and we also get a potential nod to these in the first clue which has an owl on the front of the card.

Batman walks through the scene with a strong focus on his feet painting him out like he’s almost a character in a western movie which is later mirrored at the end of the car scene.

Now its…

Hold on…hold on what’s this.


Enough from the Riddler.

Trevor From Eastenders

Grrrr at this point we meet Commissioner Pete Savage played by the savage, Trevor from Eastenders.

In the comics, it was Commissioner Leob who was murdered in the book Dark Victory and they might have changed it up because Leob was the commissioner in Batman Begins.

Throughout Batman very much disregards the Bruce Wayne side of his life and he rides around the city on a motorbike. I feel like the movie very much also pulls from elements of Batman Year 100. This is a great graphic novel set in the future in which Batman rides around the city on his Motorbike. He’s very much a mechanic that also uses horror motifs from movies to scare his prey much like what the Pattinson version does.

Batman returns to his base of operations called Wayne Terminus. This is revealed to be a disused train station created by the Waynes similar to the monorail that they built in Batman Begins. Having a train line would allow Batman to travel under the city without having to go onto the surface and it is a strategy that’s popped up in the comics.

During the Knightfall Arc, Jean-Paul Valley who took over the cowl fitted his Batmobile with wheels that could run on train tracks and he constantly rode around on them under the city.

Bruce mounts a bike similar to the one from Zero year and he rides past Gotham Square Garden which has Bella Real adverts up at it. This is where the final battle takes place and we can see that it’s showcasing the upcoming election night. Bruce passes by here later on when he’s following Selina from her apartment and it slowly teases this as a major location.

We catch my boy has an emo haircut and though this gets memed on I actually think there’s a practical reason for it. In the New 52, Bruce shaved his head so it was one thing he didn’t have to worry about and maybe he grew it long because he just doesn’t care about his appearance or have time to cut it.

Bruce plays back the night and jots down the narration that we’ve just heard. At one point we can see that it also creates a transcript so that Batsy never ends up missing a trick.

Bruce ends up looking up over his shoulder to the news announcement and this shot is later mirrored in the reveal of the Riddler, hinting to us how the two are linked.

As Alfred descends we can catch the Batmobile engine, which is something that sits under a tarp. We get shots of this laced throughout the cave at several points in the movie and it very much hints at its reveal.

Alfred looks over the video of the child and clearly, this reminds him of young Bruce who he feels like he failed.

the batman ending explained breakdown

Bruces Back Scars

Next, we get Bruce coming out of the shower and see his highly scarred back. This is a nod to the Alex Ross piece of art which also had similar cuts on it. I love the camera work here and throughout the film, there are several scenes where we follow characters from behind such as Gordon, Selina and of course Bruce.

Lots of feelings like we are voyeurs ourselves are added to with moments like this.

Bruce has very much become a nocturnal animal and upon seeing the sun for the first time he has to cover his eyes with sunglasses.

At this point, we meet Dory who I kinda feel might be a nod to Aunt Harriet from the 1966 Batman show. We get a much clearer easter egg that pulls from this later on when we can catch the Shakespeare bust next to Alfred. This was a big part of the show and I love how Reeves included it.

After cracking the cypher they head to the Mayor’s garage which is filled with expensive sports cars. Gordon says I guess it’s good to be the mayor and clearly he could only afford all these if someone was lining his pockets.

Now during his search, Batman busts out a tube light which he carried in the New 52 and also Earth one.

In the tyre of an Aston Martin, they find the weapon used to sever his thumb and a thumb drive with his thumb attached to it.

Hehe, thumb drive hehe.

Should’ve turned off wifi though because activating it sends out emails to everybody including the Gotham Gazette, a newspaper that’s popped up in the animated series, in the new 52, black casebook and a lot more.

We get a split-second shot of Gordon’s inbox and this contains several bureau memos that are repeated.

However, there’s also Casefile 0281 which may be a nod to Batman 281 titled Murder comes in black boxes.

Holly Robinson?

Annika very much feels like she’s based on Holly Robinson, a girl that Catwoman lived with during Year One. Later on in the batmobile chase, we get a sign for Robinson Park which also happens to be a location in Gotham based on her.

Batman arrives at the iceberg lounge which in the comics is Batman’s base of operations. This scene pretty much happens three times in the movie with him first going as batman, then bruce and then he sneaks in later, having formulated the best strategy to get in there without getting caught.

The twins also feel like they’re based on the villain’s Tweedle-dee and Tweedle Dum

Batman goes in the club and I kinda wanted him to bust out the bat dance, come up…uh uh uh do the Batdance.

Also, look at these funko pops….badass goddddamn.

Penguin clearly isn’t intimidated by him as he calls him sweetheart but come to the car chase he’s terrified. It’s clear Oz is just a lowly worker that no one really respects and Batman mocks his reputation which I find hilarious.

Batman follows Catwoman back to her apartment and he ends up spying on her much in the same way that he looked over Andrea in Mask Of The Phantasm.


He follows her to the mayor’s office and body pops his grappling gun like it’s the start of Smooth Criminal. Ow. Also, notice how Bruce drops the Batman voice when talking to her as opposed to how he interrogates Penguin.

Now Selina attempts to get back Annika’s passport in a scene that is somewhat riffing on the long Halloween. In that Selina went to Falcone’s apartment to crack his safe and Batman confronted her there before grabbing a ledger full of the mob boss’s dealings.

They return to Selina’s apartment and in the comics, this was where they originally met. Bruce was knocked out and Selina found him before she nursed him back to health.

Now the movie is filled with these news reports and they somewhat riff on not only Batman 89 and the news stories in those, but also the Dark Knight Returns. News stories we used to pretty much tell us the story as well as the opinion of the public on Batman.

After Pete Savage is killed we get our second clue which has an old man on the front which then has an explosion inside the card. This might be foreshadowing the explosion that happens with Alfred as the following clue has a woman answering the phone much like what happens with Dory.

In Da Club

On her way to the clubception club within a club, she comes across William Kenzie a character from the comics that was also a GCPD officer.

In the basement, she meets the DA Gil Colson possibly riffing on Gilda, Harvey Dent’s wife who was of course the DA in Long Halloween.

There’s also Carla, possibly a nod to Carla Viti who was also featured in that book.

Jump to the bat-signal scene and we get a hint at Renewal on one of the billboards, which is then shown when Gordon pulls up. Renewal is purposely laced throughout every aspect of the city and it shows how wide it stretches. It even shows up on the back of a garbage truck because like you, it’s trash.

Beside the signal, we see the WGOT radio tower. This was a radio station in the comics that Jack Ryder reported for.

We get the next clue.

Which has You are, so You are L but they mess up the translation.

The Funeral

Cut to the funeral and the external shots were heavily shown online by people that went to watch these scenes be filmed. Reeves wanted to keep Barry Keoghan’s role of the Joker so secret that he actually filmed fake scenes with him in which he seemed like a policeman. There were also several shots with Zoe Kravitz and John Turturro that made it seem like they had a relationship. I kinda hope that Irving in Severance is actually his innie and this is his outtie but that’s a little crap fan theory I have. Go check out our severance video anyway.

Bruce rides in a Corvette which was also used in the 1970s as a basis for The Batmobile, huge shoutouts to Canadian lad for that one.

I love Riddler’s little sense of humour throughout the movie. He spraypaints DOA on the DA’s ride which of course stands for Dead On Arrival.

Now the explosion by the riddler is a big talking point around the movie as it blasts batman in the face and he still comes out looking like Robert Pattinson at the end of it. His mouth isn’t even burned and it does seem a bit unrealistic. However, being able to slow the footage down means we can catch him actually putting his hand up to cover his mouth just as it goes off and you should always cover your mouth when another dude explodes in your face.

Think we got away with that.

The police start to question Batman and we get this awesome scene.

Now the police were against Batman early on in his career and in both Year One and Mask Of The Phantasm he ended up taking down a whole swat team which was somewhat referenced in The Dark Knight. He ends up gliding off the top of the police department and smacks his face which is potentially playing on the opening of Earth-One in which he goes to jump across a building but he ends up falling after his grapple gun breaks.

Movie Influences

The penguin scene happens at the docks and Reeves stated that he took a lot of inspiration for the batmobile from the John Carpenter classic Christine. We’ve done a full video on this scene alone but like Batman, the car comes from the Shadows. It also gets covered in fire and chases after someone much like the monstrous machine did in that movie.

Reeves stated that he took inspiration from The French Connection and also elements of the Steve McQueen Classic Bullet.

Along with the Robinson reference, there are also nods to Hinckley River which is a feature in Gotham.

Upon being caught, Penguin waddles like one which I absolutely love. The scar across his face also gives it a beak-like shape to his nose and I really hope that the makeup artists behind this get the Oscar because Colin Farrel looks absolutely unrecognisable.

After tracking Riddler to an Orphanage both Batman and Gordon explore it much in the same way that the pair went through an abandoned building together. Here they see a campaign video for Thomas Wayne and in Earth One the character was running for Mayor which led to his murder. He also ran for Mayor in Joker but unlike that version of Thomas, this one seems a lot more sincere…even if he does wanna get journalists beaten up.

Again we hear the song Ave Maria which opens the movie. This is typically used at both funerals and weddings and it was actually one of John Wayne Gacy’s favourite songs along with Send In The Clows. Now this time it’s sung by a children’s choir and we later learn that Edward is a member of this group explaining why he likes to sing it.

Alfred gets a letter for the batman and soon as I read Fireproof I’m throwing it bruh, get that out of there.

the batman insane details breakdown easter eggs


Now there’s lots of debate over whether Riddler knows Bruce is Batman or not. In the comics, during the hush storyline he figured it out but he decided not to tell anyone because of how worthless a riddle is that no one knows the answer. Hush is also referenced in the film during the campaign video and we see the surname Elliot pop on screen. Thomas Elliot became the villain Hush in the comics but the animated movie changed things up so that it was actually Riddler under the mask.

Potentially Riddler is the journalist’s kid though we never get this confirmed.

Now a clue that Riddler might know is that Bruce is the only target he doesn’t try to kill himself, therefore it might be because he wanted him to survive it but ey, but I’ll leave that up to you to debate in the comments.

We also learn more about Martha Wayne who like Earth One, is revealed to be an Arkham. Originally she was called Martha Kane after Bob Kane but this was changed up to add a flavour of Insanity to Bruce’s legacy.

The Wayne cease and desist demand is sent by the law firm Miller and Moore which are nods to Frank Miller and Alan Moore, two seminal Batman writers.

Bruce goes to Falcone and we get hints about murdering Thomas. This is a slight change-up from Earth One in which it was suspected that Penguin did it so that he could become Mayor.

Revealed to be the rat with Wings all eyes turn to Falcone. Now in every other iteration, he’s called Falcone but I think they changed it up to make it closer to falcon so that the pun worked.

Now….ah man what the hell is this

Screen crush goddaammmit.

Selina and Falcone

We’re now at the final hour mark of the movie and Selina ends up scratching Falcone’s face and this is exactly the same as how she did it in Year One.

Bruce ends up leading Falcone into the light which makes The Riddler believe that he’s an accomplice and an ally, in on his plan.

They catch him in a diner that pops up throughout the film and the look of this scene is based highly on Nighthawks by Edward Hopper.

Riddler’s head gets smashed against the counter which cracks his glasses and I love how this detail remains on them for the rest of the film.

He also carries two IDs, Edward Nashton and Patrick Parker which are both aliases that he’s used in the comics. However, we still don’t have his true name which is Edward Nygma aka Mr E Nygma.

Now Inside his apartment, we catch a single bat in a cage with rats scurrying below it which represents Batman hanging above the city whilst the rats act below him.

His final plan is located under his carpet but because Bruce comes from a privileged background he doesn’t recognise the working class carpet tool.

He goes to visit Riddler in Arkham and we know from the deleted scenes that something similar happened with Joker due to the one that was recently posted.

In this Batman handed over evidence with a paperclip on it and this later disappeared because the clown prince of crime pocketed it. Whether this will lead to his escape we don’t know but he does form a friendship with Riddler at the end of the movie.

This could potentially set up a war of jokes and riddles sequel which turned Gotham into a warzone. There are also heavy allusions to No Man’s Land from the comics. Gotham was rocked by an earthquake in the book cataclysm and after the government abandoned the city it turned into a wasteland with every criminal vying for control.

Covered in the Dark Knight Rises it seems like they’re setting things up here with Bella Real potentially reaching out to Bruce to help save things. In the comics, he ended up travelling to the senate to beg for help and this could be what makes him realise that he needs to pay more attention to this side of his life.

Batmans Adrenaline Shot

Batman ends up taking down the Riddlers forces and though I was hoping that it would be Venom that he uses, the official book released alongside the film reveals that it’s just adrenaline.

There’s also a scene where he moves out of the way of someone shooting at him and though there were a lot of complaints on Twitter that he let that guy die, if you slow down the footage you’ll see the bullet actually hits his gauntlet and head which then causes a ricochet.

He also ends up clouding the whole area in smoke which is reminiscent of the scene from the Dark Knight returns in which he did the same thing when fighting Two Faces forces.

Now through the goon from the funeral Batman realises that he needs to become a symbol of hope and he somewhat goes through a Baptism. Emerging as a new kind of hero he is now seen as someone that people shouldn’t cower away from and this is symbolised by the girl on the roof. The man at the train station at the start was terrified of him whereas she refuses to let go showing how his arc has gone from being about vengeance to something more.

Flooded locations litter the finale including city hall, the diner, the iceberg lounge and we watch Penguin staring over the city. We know that he’s getting a spin-off show very soon and he will try and grab everything that he can in his quest for power.

Catwoman says that he’s spoken for which is a line that ended Batman Zero Year showing that Bruce is committed to Gotham. She also states that she’s going to Bludhaven which is a sister city to Gotham in the comics that is a haunt of Nightwing.

Batman rides off beside Selina and then watches her disappear in his rearview mirror before turning his eyes to the road. He’d love to go with her but Gotham is where his heart is at and I love how this shot is used to convey that.

Come the end of his arc I’d love to see a similar scene but with Bruce finally deciding to ride off with her but sadly I can’t watch this scene without seeing this, so now you have to watch it too. Punk.

Anyway¬†thank you for sitting until the end, a tonne of work went into this so we’d appreciate the thumbs up and also make sure you subscribed if you enjoyed it. F ryan arey and I’ll see you on the next one.


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