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HAWKEYE Episode 5 Breakdown & Ending Explained Spoiler Review | MCU Easter Eggs & Things You Missed

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Ok so Hawkeye Episode 5 is about to break the internet and in it there’s a lot of big reveals, easter eggs, hidden details and clues for what’s gonna be happening in next weeks finale.

I just wanna get straight into it but even though the channel is called heavy spoilers people still get angry if I don’t spell it out. From this point onwards we’re gonna be discussing everything in the episode so check out now if you haven’t had a chance to check it out.

With that out the way, thanks for clicking this, now let’s get into our Episode 5 Breakdown Of Hawkeye.

Now penultimate episodes in Disney Plus shows often come with some big surprises so that we can just hit the ground running for the finale next week. In the last episode, we learned more about the watch and watched as Clint and Kate tracked it to Echos apartment. Here they were ambushed by Yelena Belova who returns in this entry.

Realising that a Black Widow was now in the mix, Clint told Kate it was best that they break up the band and thus they went their separate ways. He was also probably angry that Florence Pugh was blowing up Instagrams as the Spoiler-queen 3 minutes after the show was released.

The one.

That takes us to this entry which answers some questions whilst opening up a whole lot more.

Now the episode is titled Ronin which of course is the moniker that Clint was going under for a lot of Endgame and he returns to it at the end of the entry. This pulls directly from the comics in which he was one too and it’s also the title that Echo took up at one point, potentially hinting to how things will go in her solo show. The word Ronin actually means a samurai without a master which Clint was during Endgame. However, beyond this, it very much reflects Yelena, who although working under the direction of Val very much won’t be leading her for much longer.

We pick up in 2018 and can hear voiceover clips from Black Widow, namely talking about the antidote to the mind control that the widows were put under in the film.

Here we catch Yelena and another Agent named Sonya sneaking into the home of a woman called Ana which could be a nod to the character of the same name from the black widow comics.

Yelena is here to administer the antidote in order to free her from the mind control and the pair spray it into her face. However, it turns out that she’s simply a gun for hire and the mission is somewhat bittersweet. Yelena is clearly wrestling with the fact that she’s apart from her sister and Sonya and Ana joke about her having a sex in the city lifestyle which is a show that is set in New York.

New York is where the Avengers were located however they did move upstate away from Manhattan. Miranda also had short ginger hair and yeah I’ve already spent too long on this easter egg.

hawkeye yelena belova black widow natasha kate bishop clint barton disney plus series breakdown explained

Now we learn that Yelena was in fact dusted during the snap and I really love the effect that we get here. Though we’ve seen people going and then coming back we’ve never actually seen what it was like from their perspective and to Yelena she simply disappears and comes back to find the room has altered around her. I’m not sure why the paint on the wall didn’t just quick cut but ey I’m not complaining as it’s such a cool transition.

When Thanos carried out the snap people didn’t really die, they just stopped existing and thus coming back would have this strange effect on someone where it felt like no time had passed at all.

She finds Ana once more only this time she has a husband and has adopted a child. You might remember that all Black Widows were sterilised and thus she had to do this in order to have children. Having this operation meant that they couldn’t have kids as they would probably put them above working for Dreykov and it’s one of the darkest things in the MCU.

Now throughout these scenes, Yelena is wearing her white tactical suit which we of course also saw her donning in the Black Widow movie.

Beyond that though she’s also worn her Sam Fisher Esque goggles which pull directly from the comics.

In the source material, Yelena was trained in the Red Room much like what we saw in the aforementioned movie. In the comics, Yelena’s face was actually swapped with Natasha’s ala Face/Off style and this is why when trailers for the film first dropped with her getting operated on, many theorised that it was actually her who died getting the soul stone.

Not me though, I swear, swear I didn’t go that far this time.

They did end up reversing the operation but due to the closeness to her sister, she very much started to see how she’d been used as a weapon by the Red Room and she left the life of a spy behind for some time.

However, Yelena ended up going back to her old life as she was turned into an Adaptoid which basically means that she can host any power or ability that she’s attacked with.

Yelena went against the Avengers but she ended up finding a home with The Thunderbolts which could potentially be getting set up in the MCU. We’ve already had US Agent, The Abomination and Yelena recruited and Val has pretty much become the Nick Fury of Phase 4.

I actually think Yelena will end up rejecting Vals team and that she’ll become a new Black Widow for the Avengers. In the comics, once she defected several clones of her were created because she was the best of the best of the best sir so that could be a potential storyline for the character.

Turns out that Sonya left and ended up taking on contract work which somewhat sets the groundwork for the path that Yelena travels on with Val. She’s desperate to find Natasha to tell her that she’s ok but as we know she died in Endgame, sacrificing herself for the soul stone. This is why Yelena is desperate for revenge on Clint because she never really got to say goodbye.

We then get the previously on section and it was such a nice touch laying the episode out like this.

Works really well to put us back with Clint and we cut to the title sequence to see the logo once more. Throughout the series, this has alternated with having arrows shot at the target on the A when Clint and Kate are together but here that doesn’t happen because he split them up last week.

Who’s on the Phone Eleanor?

Kate returns home deflated and Elanor seems to be happy that her daughter is now no longer dealing with quote-unquote avengers level threats. We did see Elanor making a phone call last week and in this episode, we learn that she was the one who hired Yelena. Though Yelena concludes at the end that she hired her I would imagine that it happened through her handler, Val. I’m guessing that the ending of Black Widow took place whilst all this was going on and then Val went to Yelena and told her about Clint which is when she then went on this job.

We jump back to Kate’s Bedroom which has now been slightly redecorated since we last saw it in Episode 1. Much like the scene between Kate and her father, Elanor and her daughter have a really touching moment in which she tends to her wounds. She clearly talks her out of being a hero though which is somewhat the opposite of what her father said in the first entry. He instilled in her that bad things will happen and she will have to make a choice that will be up to her whereas Elanor pretty much wants to steer her in one direction.

The pair look at her bow which becomes somewhat of an inspiration to her later on but beyond that there is also a Hawkeye poster in her room that has Clint on it. He clearly didn’t want to be a role model to people but we very much get from just this minor thing that he means the world to Kate and is someone that she looks up to.

Now the vibe changes when Kate tells her mother that they’ve been looking into Armand’s murder and have traced things back to Jack. I think at this point the most obvious thing is that it’s actually Elanor who is working with the tracksuit mafia and not him and this has a lot of ties with the comics.

In them Kate’s mother faked her own death and ended up working with Madam masque and you just get the vibe from Elanor that something shady is going on. She, of course, had that big fight with Armand before he died and if you cast your mind back to episode 3 you’ll remember that it was her laptop, not jacks that had all the info on about Sloan Ltd.

Now mirroring this scene in which Kate had her wounds tended to we also see the same thing happening with Echo and Kazi.

Whereas Kate and her Mother are very open with one another, Echo and Kazi aren’t because they’ve been brought up to be soldiers. Though we haven’t had this confirmed yet it seems like the Dojo they were trained at was actually a place in which the mafia recruited child soldiers into their ranks and this was overseen by The Mafia and their boss.

Echo is clearly just after the Ronin no matter what but we learn later on that we got one fan theory right in that Clint was tipped off to her dad’s location by her boss The Kingpin who we’ll talk about later on in the video. This actually pulls somewhat from the comics as in those Kingpin killed Echo’s father and in his dying breath, he asked him to look after his daughter. Kingpin took Maya under his wing and raised her like she was his own and she became an assassin for him. However, she ended up learning the truth and she turned on Kingpin which will likely be what her solo show centres around.

We return to Kates apartment to find that it has been heavily damaged by the fire that happened in episode 2. Here she’s confronted by Yelena who completely steals the scene. She’s just here to talk things through and as she said she didn’t try to kill Kate. In many ways, she put a lifeline on her in order to save her which of course was a similar set-up to what happened with her sister and Clint during Endgame.

Yelena tells her to eat as her father says it’s good for her and this could be a nod to the opening of Black Widow and later the meal.

At one point she talks about how she wants to visit the Empire State Building, The Rockerfella Center and the new and improved statue of liberty. We know that the Rockefella centre will be appearing in the finale next week as it was shown heavily in the trailers and my guess is that this is where the final battle will take place.

Beyond that, though the New And Improved Statue Of Liberty is where the final battle seems to be taking place in No Way Home and it now has a Captain America shield on it. Haven’t seen the movie yet, but I’m going tonight and I’m very very excited.

Now shoutouts super heronexus for saying that Yelena says she loves an American Christmas which calls back to the staged one that she and her family used to throw in order to have some family photos.

Again this scene is really cool and it sort of sets up though Yelena wants to be besties, Kate clearly has her guard up because of who she is. She’s clearly been studying Kate and she even talks about her saving Pizza dog from getting run over.

In the comics, the dog actually got hit by a car in the first episode and Clint had to take him into the vets which is where he lost his eye.

Now across town, we catch Clint looking all alone on Christmas and he goes to Grill’s house who in the comics was a tenant at the apartment block that he owned.

In the comics, Kazi actually ended up killing Grills but I’m hoping New Yorks number 1 larper makes it through the show. Grills says he thinks he has a name for his dog and in the comics, he was originally called Arrow. However, after Clint took him under his wing he said that was too on the nose and changed the dog’s name to Lucky.

Now Yelena is furious with Clint and can’t understand why people worship him. Much like Echo, she’s been fed false information on him and thus she’s built up this vendetta.

She pays lip service to how many people he’s killed and says that you could wrap the trail of blood around the world. Kate says that sounds like a very Russian thing to say and throughout the films, they’ve often talked about blood in their ledger. Having enough to wrap around the world shows how many that Clint has taken out and even though Yelena has killed people too, she views Clint as killing way beyond her.

Clint later says that when you’re a weapon that’s filled with rage it makes you blind which is also something we see reflected in Echo and Yelena.

Yelena easily becomes the goat in this scene, reindeer meat-eating goat and she tells Clint to stay out of her way. She says it’s not gonna be difficult for her to complete the assignment and it’s clear Florence Pugh understood the assignment as she’s my favourite performance in the show so far.

She very much has several conversations throughout this episode which mirror one another. Firstly she’s trying to free women from oppressive men, realising this is her jumping to conclusions, then learning the truth about the world from them before trying to free women from oppressive men, realising it’s her jumping to conclusions and so on and so forth. She says that Kate very much has Hero worship for Clint and this is given a nod to when she looks around her room and we can see a pamphlet with Hawkeyes face on it and the words hero worship.

She makes a hell of an exit and uses the grappling hook that her sister of course also had.

Back at Grills, he touches upon the new outfits that Missy made which we know from the trailer will be showing up next week.

Kate returns home to find that Jack is being arrested and he says he’s never worked a day in his life which absolutely killed me.

Jack at this point is way too likeable to me to be a bad guy and I don’t care if he was a villain in Better Call Saul, the guy is a saint.

I think Elanor has clearly used him as a patsy and will pin it all on her. I think come to the end of the series her character will be revealed to be Madame Masque and this would make a lot of sense as both she and Kingpin worked together in the Matt Fraction run. She also hired the mafia and held an auction which are things that the series has also hinted at.

Clint speaks to Natasha

Next, we cut to the Battle Of New York Memorial which commemorates the Avengers assembling.

This is on the bridge in the lead up to grand central station which is where the infamous scene happened.

He shuts himself off from the world by taking his hearing aid out and talks to Natasha like one does when visiting someone’s grave. I love how the sound around him is completely shut off and it’s clear Clint has gone through the scenario so many times in his head of how it should’ve played out differently. Renner knocks it out of the park and he apologises for what he’s about to do which is to become the Ronin once more.

Kate wakes up and looks around her room at the trophies before seeing her childhood bow. Kate was of course saved by Clint early on in her childhood and this inspired her to dedicate herself to training.

She leaves several voicemails hinting to Yelena, Jack and even flicks a medal which smashes something. This calls back to the coin tossing scene from last week and I think that it’ll be how Kazi is taken out. In the comics, Clint flicked a toothpick at him but as they’ve focused on this so much I think that will be what they do.

Next, we jump to the tracksuit mafia in the trust a bro van. We can hear them playing Christmas in Hollis by Run DMC and Run DMC were of course famous for wearing tracksuits.

They also bring up other iconic ones including Tommie Smiths from the Olympics, The movie the Royal Tenenbaums and lastly Tony Soprano.

Clint fires a message arrow at them who wants to meet Maya where she first met the Ronin. This was at Fatman Auto Repair which is the location where her father died at.

Clint calls Laura and has what could be his last conversation with her. He says he has to end it tonight before the big guy gets involved and it’s clear he wants to end things before they escalate.

Now there’s a lot of focus on Laura right now and though we don’t know whether she is the person connected to the watch, that does seem like it’s quite likely. In case you don’t know, in the comics, Clint was actually married to another hero called Mockingbird. Mockingbird or rather Barabara Morse was a shield agent drafted under the codename Agent 19.

Though we don’t know much about Laura in the MCU, when the Avengers first went to Clint’s house in Age Of Ultron Tony did jokingly say that she thought she was an Agent potentially linking in with this theory.

Due to her constantly mocking her enemies in fights she eventually took on the codename Mockingbird but she ended up faking her death in order to return to being a civilian, info that could end up being on the watch. This would also explain why she has the name Laura instead of Barbara as she would have to change her name to avoid suspicion.

I know there are lots of theories going around saying that she could be a Skrull as well and the info on the watch could be holding that too. In the comics, she was replaced by one and this could lead to Secret Invasion. I’m not really sure how much stock I’d invest in that but it’s a theory going around at the moment so I thought it was at least worth bringing up. Barbara and Clint did end up getting divorced and the Matt Fraction run focused on Clint getting his life together which might also be setting up some things for their relationship down the line.

Now Laura trusts him implicitly and says that he has to do what he has to do to protect their family.

Clint returns to where he left the Ronin costume and he sees that the Mafia are waiting. There’s an amazing stealth scene in which he knocks them down one by one. Really well-directed scene that feels a lot like batmans first night in Begins as we very much see how an Avenger looks through the eyes of their enemy.

Clint unmasks so that Maya can see his face and this is where he tells her he was tipped off. I did have a feeling this would happen as Maya’s dad said he was in debt over his head and potentially Kingpin had him killed as he was unable to repay him.

hawkeye wilson fisk kingpin eleanor madame masque clint barton kate bishop series disney plus ending explained breakdown

The Return of Wilson Fisk

In the comics, Kingpin framed Daredevil for the hit but I think this works really well in this series.

Maya says he’s lying and she ends up almost killing Clint but he’s saved by Kate. She leaves on a motorbike and Clint makes it off into the night, joined by Kate.

Maya starts to suspect Kazi and asks why he wasn’t at the meeting that night and it’s clear that Fisk wanted him out the way as he knew what was going down. Kazi was the number two and he acted like a number two doing this. I do think he was probably in on things and that he was spared to fill the position. In the comics, Kazi worked closely with Kingpin so that makes a lot of sense.

Shortly after Kate tells Clint about Yelena which of course Echos the scene with Echo in which some truths were revealed.

Across town, we see Yelena following Elanor whilst Kate and Clint have food with Grills. It’s at this point that Kate receives a text message in which we learn Elanor hired Yelena and she sends through a photo that finally confirms Willi is back.
Now as for Kingpin we’ve had a lot of clues for the character showing up in the series so far.

In episode 3 we were of course introduced to Uncle at the dojo and the black suit that the character was wearing was very similar to what he had on in the first season of Daredevil. There was also the characters laugh and add to that the fact that his footsteps were much heavier than Maya’s dad. Plus when she was older we watched as she went to Fat Man auto repair which was probably a nod to the Kingpins Nickname.

There were several landmarks that also appeared in the series including the building in episode 1 which Wilson ended up buying in Daredevil Season 3.

Now I have been rewatching Daredevil on Netflix and I forgot how much I absolutely loved the show. Season 2 especially is really strong and just in case you need a quick catch up on Wilson Fisk we actually learned a lot about him throughout the three entries.

Fisk was raised by his mother and father, the latter of which lost a run for City Council which led to him getting in debt with the mob. Wilsons dad Bill ended up trying to instil in him the idea that power and violence were interlinked and he even got him to beat up one of his bullies in order to hammer this home.

Bill used to make Wilson stand and stare at a wall whilst his more abusive aspects came out in their home and this iconography ended up popping up throughout the season at several points.

Bill ended up attacking Wilsons mother in a drunken rage and Wilson ended up killing his father. Both he and his mother ended up cutting up his dad’s body and they took bits of him in bags and dumped them in the river at night. The Mobsters were blamed for his disappearance and Wilson ended up taking his dads cufflinks to remind him of the event.

He later moved to Asia and learned several languages before he returned to New York and started a criminal empire. He also met an art dealer called Vanessa and the pair fell in love. This is where we sort of pick up in Season 1 and we watch as Matt Murdock, Karen Page, Foggy Nelson and Ben Urich bring his dealings to the light. This led to him getting arrested and though he almost escaped, Daredevil took him down.

Now I and Kingpin are a lot alike as we both get called Uncle and also get head in the back of the car.

Beyond that, though he ended up going to Rykers Island in Season 2 and slowly he took over the inner workings of the prison. Kingpin enlisted the Punisher amongst his ranks and told him that one of the high ranking inmates killed his family which then led to Frank killing them. Fisk betrayed Frank and eventually, he escaped prison through a corrupt FBI agent and was moved to the Presidential Hotel.

He worked alongside Benjamin Poindexter aka Bullseye and eventually Matt took him down. When we last saw him he was being escorted into custody by the FBI who denied him getting to see Vanessa. They said that because he didn’t allow his victims to say goodbye to the people that they loved that he wouldn’t get to either and it was such a cool way to send off the character.

Now we don’t know if this is a what-if version or if the Netflix stuff will canon but I thought I’d just drop that in for now in case you need a quick rundown.

I think that in the next episode that Yelena and clint will come face to face and that Clint will reveal the truth which will lead to them working together. Elanor is clearly the big bad for this season and though Kingpin is behind a lot of the things I think he’ll simply be put in place to set up the echo series. She’ll likely learn he killed her father and my guess is that she will work with the heroes and end up taking on the mantle of the Ronin for the future.


Now as for my thoughts on this episode, I definitely think it’s my favourite out the run so far. I think when people look back on the season in a couple of months that a lot of the moments they remember will be from this entry as there’s a lot of standouts.

In general, when you look at the Disney Plus shows I often think that the penultimate episodes are the best ones as they tend to have the big reveals in them. The finales tend to wrap things up so they’re more focused on sticking the landing whereas I think these ones contain all the big reveals so that things can just kinda go through the motions for next week.

Look at me already putting another downer on the finale.

But I do think the last episode will be good and I’m definitely preparing myself for an action-filled final episode that will probably pack some big gut punches too.

Also, I think that having Kate and Yelena sort of getting this rivalry is working really well and so Hailee Steinfeld is really knocking it out of the park at the moment. Weirdly I’ve seen her getting called a Mary Sue quite a lot because we didn’t see her doing any training beyond the title sequence but we’ve seen her doing more training than we ever saw Clint doing. Also, she’s been beaten quite a few times in the series and hasn’t just been showing up and getting through things easily.

So yeah, just kind of a weird criticism for me and after an opening couple of episodes that I wasn’t too on board with I’m really glad that the series has found its groove and is consistently hitting at a high level.

Now I know there are people out there that have loved it from the start, others that still aren’t on board so whatever your thoughts on the series so far are then make sure you comment below and let me know.

When I speak to you again I’ll have seen Spider-Man No Way Home and just in case I didn’t make it completely clear last video I won’t be posting spoilers on the timeline. I’ve already done my thumbnail for it and though I might end up using a different image it’ll be along those lines. Nothing beyond just saying Ending Explained, and that being in the title as well as something like post-credits breakdown, you know we like to stuff them with keywords.

Anyway, that’s the video and just to let you know we’re running a competition right now and giving away 3 copies of the Spider-man 4k trilogies on the 30th of December. All you have to do to be in with a chance of winning is like the video, make sure you subscribe with notifications on and drop a comment below with your thoughts on the episode. We pick the comments at random at the end of the month and the winners of the last one are on screen right now so message me @heavySpoilers if that’s you.

If you want something else to watch then make sure you check out our breakdown of the perfect scene in Spider-Man Homecoming. We break down the entire thing so it’s definitely worth checking out if you wanna know more.

With that out the way thank you for sitting through the video, I’ve been Paul and I’ll see you next time. Take care, Peace

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