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HAWKEYE Episode 2 Breakdown & Ending Explained Spoiler Review | MCU Easter Eggs & Things You Missed

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Welcome back to the Heavy Spoilers show I’m your host Paul and in this video we’re breaking down the second episode of Hawkeye on Disney Plus.

If you haven’t seen our first breakdown then make sure you go and check it out right now as we pointed out all the easter eggs and ties to the comics and it’ll bring you fully up to speed before we dive into this one.

Now we pick up immediately after the end of episode 1 with Kate and Clint meeting for the first time. This highly differentiates from the comics as in those she was introduced in Young Avengers 1 back in April 2005. Hawkeye was dead after being killed in Avengers Disassembled and she took over the mantle.

They journey to Kates home above Herman’s Hearty Slice. Clint asks where she learned to fight like that and Kate says she started martial arts when she was five which was of course further spurred on by the death of her father in the opening of episode 1.

As they enter Kate’s place they’re greeted by Pizza Dog who is based on Lucky from the comics.

In the apartment, we can catch a target against Kate’s back wall and this is somewhat reminiscent of the trophy that she had in the first episode which shared a similar colour scheme.

This idea of a Target placed around the property was also somewhat mirrored in Age Of Ultron when Tony entered Clint’s barn and we could see one hidden away. This target later popped up at the start of Avengers Endgame when he and his daughter were doing target practice and Kate being somewhat of a surrogate daughter is nicely carried across in this.

Kate gets changed and comes down wearing purple which is her signature colour from the comics. However it’s also Clints too and we know from the trailers that they’re gonna be donning similar outfits, both with purple on at some point.

Clint namedrops that Kate has just faced off against the tracksuit mafia and this kinda hints that he’s encountered them before which of course hints to his run-ins with them as the Ronin.

In the comics, The Tracksuit Mafia owned an apartment block that Clint lived in and after they tried to extort the tenants he took over it. Throughout the graphic novel, he had several run-ins with them and we already know from the trailers that they’re gonna appear throughout the series.

Clint donning the Ronin mantle sort of makes sense as Hawkeye was, of course, a well-known figure but in operating as the Ronin he’s managed to carry out the crimes unbeknownst to the world. However, the Avengers, namely Nat did know about what was happening and we also learned at the end of Black Widow that Val had a photograph of him unmasked.

Just as Kate reassures Clint that the tracksuit mafia don’t know who she is they arrive throwing Molotov cocktails and I love how Clint catches one and then throws it back.

Against the wall of the apartment, we can also catch a poster that says ‘Concours d’escrime’ which is something that’s associated with fencing, foreshadowing the fight later on.

Kate tries to be clever and put the fire out by shooting an arrow at a fire extinguisher but because of the pressurised air within it, it just flies around the room and they have to abandon the suit at the apartment.

They head down into the subway on Chambers Street and this was actually the first scene that got posted on the internet where we got our debut look at Kate Bishop in the MCU.

They head to a supermarket and Kate asks if they’re gonna head to Avengers Tower to hide out but Clint says that Tony sold that.

You might remember at the end of Spider-man Homecoming that Happy was moving out all the boxes from it to go upstate and this is because Tony decided to move everything to Avengers HQ and get rid of it.

You might remember at the start of Loki Episode 5 that we flew through New York and you could actually catch the location with Qeng written on it. This was actually an alias of Kang The Conquerer who at least in one timeline had acquired the building. This was before the multiverse was completely broken open so potentially this line was dropped her to hint that he may have purchased it and we know that Kang is gonna be a big baddie that’s laced throughout a lot of things so that makes a tonne of sense to pay lip service to it here.

Who is Moira Brandon?

Now speaking of Avengers buildings, when Hawkeye and Kate head to their next location we see a list of names on the apartments and this includes Moira Brandon.

Brandon actually ended up selling her estate to the west coast avengers who turned it into their base of operations. When Hawkeye and his wife mockingbird went to visit her they were all attacked unfortunately Moira died during this. Just before she passed away, Hawkeye made her an honorary Avenger so it’s nice that they gave a nod to her here.

The other names could mean something but with Moira being the only person who gets their full name on it I’m guessing that she’s the only Marvel character here. However, if there are some other ones you recognise then make sure you comment below and let me know.

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Kate talks her way in by saying she’s got a pizza and they head up to her aunt’s apartment who is away in Florida.

Inside the room, we can catch a movie poster for creature of the dark galaxy with Moira’s name on it along with Luke Ballard who is actually a digital artist that does work for marvel so I’m guessing he made this poster.

Clint heads back to the apartment and I absolutely love how he manages to steal a firefighter uniform and go inside. It’s such a slick one-shot that show’s his spy training coming back but unfortunately, the costume has been taken at this point.

However, after spotting a sticker for NYC larping, Clint looks online and discovers someone has taken it. Larping also showed up at the start of Loki Episode 2 and I’d never heard of it until the MCU so what the hell bro.

Back in the apartment, Clint catches Kate on the phone with her mother who brings up the black market auction and the explosion from the last episode. There’s kinda some hints here to her being a bad guy again as this auction is never brought up again and Jacques doesn’t get in any trouble for attending it.

The big theory going around at the moment is that Eleanor is actually Madam Masque who played a big part in the Hawkeye comic book story. Masque actually held a black market auction for a videotape that showed Clint apparently murdering a dictator and if they are one and the same then Eleanor could’ve been behind it.

She may have also murdered Armond and that would make sense as he threatened her in episode 1.

Kate says she’s multi-tasking by using frozen pizza to stop the swelling on her cut and also getting it ready for pizza dog’s breakfast. Pizza Dog is the name that she gave the dog in the comics even though he was called Arrow.

hawkeye echo clint barton kate bishop disney plus episode breakdown

Hawkeye fixes up a cut on her head and I love how Clint has one in a similar position which kinda shows how similar they are.

Clint returns to his hotel the Peninsula and we see his son Cooper watching a video of Kate as the Ronin saving Pizza Dog. In the comics, the dog got hit by a car and Clint had to take him to a vet in the first issue but here they’ve avoided that.

Cooper is also wearing purple, the same as Hawkeyes colours and he’s about 45 years old.

Thought you got snapped, bro.

Clint lies to his family about what’s going on and this is the first Christmas he would be having with them after the events of Endgame so he’s pretty much having to give up spending time with his real daughter to help his surrogate one.

Once more we catch the news anchor from the end of Far From Home who introduced J Jonah Jameson into the MCU. He’s featured in several MCU films and it’s great that they keep bringing him back to deliver these reports.

He’s delivering the news about Armond being killed the night before and how it may be connected to the Ronin.

You can also catch an ad for the Rogers musical playing on the tv which we of course saw in the last episode.

Clint also takes his jacket off at this point and you can see his tattoo that he got in Avengers Endgame after his family got snapped. Love it mate, love it, soon as the wife is gone we out getting tattoos, keemon.

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Hawkeye’s Hearing Aid

They head out into New York and we can see the Disney store which, probably selling Iron Man toys in there right now.

Clint brings up his hearing aid and this actually pulls from the Hawkeye run in which he had to wear one as he slowly started to go deaf. He can’t really pinpoint when he started to lose it but the guys been through a lot over the Avengers films and I bet it’s annoying having to constantly listen to everyone saying he’s the worst avenger.

Didn’t even get a solo movie fam.

Anyway, we see some people cosplaying as superheroes in the street and these include two Captain Americas, two Iron-Mans, Hulk, Ant-Man, Thor and a woman with a bow and Arrow who Kate thinks is him but it’s actually Katniss Everdeen.
See man, you suck.

Kate offers some advice and says that he needs some branding and that since the Avengers appeared that people want heroes to wear their hearts on their sleeve. This show and the graphic novel are very much deconstructions of what it means to be a hero and Clint brings up that he’s not selling Halloween costumes or $20 a show.

Though I’ve kinda been ragging on him I think Hawkeye is very much the hero that isn’t marketable and it’s rare that you ever see kids dressed up as him as they always tend to choose another Avenger over him.

This is very much the case with the films too and as we mentioned, he’s the only one who hasn’t had a solo one. Even in the first Avengers film he was very much sidelined to getting brainwashed for the majority of it but Kate saw first-hand as a kid that he can be a hero.
She’s very much inspired by him and if she can be then surely we can be too.

He very much sends Kate packing after giving her his number and he mocks the idea of trick arrows.

However, we know from clips on the show that they will be making an appearance and this also pulls directly from the comics in which he carried them too.

Kate goes to her mother’s company Bishop security and even though Jacques uncle has just been murdered she still gives him a bit of a tough time. In the comic books, Jacques Ducaine was actually a character known as the Swordsman and this somewhat hints towards the fencing ability that he has later on in the episode. Though he downplays his skills he’s clearly adept at fighting as when challenged he shows that he’s easily able to best her.

This also explains why he was so eager to get the Ronin sword and I think he’s very much being used as a red herring for who killed Armond. The pair of course had an argument during the auction so they’re clearly setting him up.

In the comics, Jacques actually trained Hawkeye but due to their similarity in age, I kinda feel like they’re not gonna be connected, even though it’s always all connected.

Clint travels to the larping event and he’s pretty much drafting into having to play along in order to get the costume back.

Before he enters you can see the sign for it which is in Purple and Gold which are both prime colours that were used throughout the graphic novel.

Clint does it but it’s clear he doesn’t enjoy it and I felt this bit was very, fetch questy and fillery. We’ve gone from reality being warped in Wandavision, terror attacks in Falcon and The Winter Soldier, The multiverse and all of time breaking open in Loki to Larping in Hawkeye so it just kinda feels like a step-down.
Clint even says that he fought Thanos and yeah, I’m probably being a scrooge as it’s Christmas but it feels very low level.

Kate is asked to go into the police station and though nothing happens in this episode I’m guessing that this plot thread will be picked up next time.

Elsewhere is the fight to the death between Clint and Chris and I must admit, the guy making sword sound effects did make me chuckle a bit.
Clint starts to soften up to and he allows Chris or rather Grills to call him his real name. Now don’t get too attached to Grills as he’s also from the Hawkeye comic book. In that, he was murdered by the psychopath Kaze who I believe is also with the Tracksuit Mafia. Grills lived in Clint’s apartment and he got the nickname because he loved barbecues.

This might not end up happening in the show but they do play up his nickname for a reason.

hawkeye clint barton disney plus episode breakdown jeremy renner kate bishop

The Swordsman Strikes

At Jacques place he hosts dinner and Kate brings up her knowledge of weapons which has helped her identify when someone is trying to stab her in the back. This is of course how Armond died which is when Eleanor interrupts, potentially hinting at her being behind it.

The two end up fencing with Jacques downplaying how good he is in order to try and win Kate’s favour. Eleanor says that she wants to bring Kate into the fold at Bishop security and though things settle down when Jacques offers her a butterscotch candy her spoiler sense flairs up.
These were of course in Armond’s house and as he was killed by a sword it all points towards Jacques but…come on mate, too obvious.
Not flailing for this s**t when Mephisto is out there.

Clint is ambushed by the Tracksuit mafia and this calls back to the comic books in which they showed up to the apartment block and beat him up with baseball bats (page 164 in omnibus)

They captured him and put a bag over his head and it plays out really similar to what we see in the show. The leader says that she wants him alive which could be a nod to Echo who we meet at the end of the episode.

Echo is getting her own show down the line so it’s gonna be interesting to see how they bring this character into the series.
Kate tracks Clint using her Bishop Security app and it triangulates his location and puts a target on it which is of course iconography that often shows up in Hawkeye.

She rings him and I believe Kaze answers as he’s not Russian like the rest of the Mafia. Kaze used to taunt Kate quite a lot too so it’s nice that they kinda brought this over into the series. Kaze is the only one other than Echo who doesn’t wear a costume and in the comics, they did hire him to work alongside them.

Turns out the Mafia know that Kate was in the costume and this puts Clint in a dilemma as it was actually he who destroyed their operation.
Kate drops in to save the day but it doesn’t go too well. She’s donning her purple costume that’s in line with the comics but realising that they brought a bow and arrow to a gunfight they’re easily captured.

Who is Maya Lopez?

It’s at this point we’re introduced to Echo who’s listening to a banger, absolute banger.

Echo is actually a deaf character and this is why we see her moving her hands over a speaker system and being spoken to in sign language.
In the comics, Echo has photographic reflexes and this gives her abilities similar to Taskmaster.

Honestly, I wasn’t a big fan of what they did with the character of Taskmaster in the Black Widow movie and though I don’t mind gender swaps they pretty much stipped the character of a personality and made her a complete robot. I actually said I would’ve loved to have seen Echo as a Widow and I’m surprised that they didn’t use her for that film as I think that would’ve made a lot of sense.

Here we don’t know what Echo is gonna be up to but in the comics, she can copy people completely no matter their skills.

This means that she can become an expert ballerina or even a master guitar player just by watching someone. It’s the same when it comes to using her fists too and I believe that she’s gonna pick up some archery abilities from Hawkeye and Kate throughout the season.

This is likely why she wanted Clint alive and we know from the Disney Plus day preview that the pair are going to escape and be chased by the mafia and Echo.

I really hope things pick up as these two episodes were kinda fillery in my opinion. I think they could’ve pretty much fit the plot points from both entries into one sixty-minute episode and we could’ve cut out things like the Larping and Fencing stuff. Maybe Clint will end up getting the Larpers to become his allies and he’ll give them real swords but only knowing what we know at the moment, it seemed like a bit of a waste of time plot-wise.

Now the series isn’t terrible and there are some good bits in it from time to time but I kinda wish there was more urgency to it as it meanders at some points. It’s gonna be interesting to see what happens down the line and with next weeks episode being the halfway point, hopefully, we get more engaging storylines involving Echo, Kaze and potentially the Kingpin or Madame Masque.

Now I’d obviously love to hear your thoughts on the show so make sure you comment below and let me know.

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If you want something else to watch then make sure you check out our breakdown of the perfect scene in Spider-Man Homecoming. We break down the entire thing so it’s definitely worth checking out if you wanna know more.

With that out the way thank you for sitting through the video, I’ve been Paul and I’ll see you next time. Take care, Peace

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