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GODZILLA VS KONG Ending Explained | Full Movie Breakdown, Easter Eggs And Spoiler Review

Godzilla Vs Kong Ending Explained full movie spoiler talk breakdown and things you missed

The 1926 Expedition

Now the film itself centres heavily around The Hollow Earth.

This is a real-life theory that first hit the mainstream back in the 17th century after Edmond Haley theorised that the Earth had an almost onion-like structure that had several layers to it.

Though never proven, the theory still remains popular in conspiracy circles and is something that makes the basis for this movie.

In the titles for the film we discover that there was an expedition to Antarctica in 1926 that unearthed its existence.

After the people who participated in it disappeared the event was quickly declassified by the government but there exists a powerful energy source within it’s cavernous tunnels that is highly sought after. It’s theorised throughout the film that this, if harnessed will be able to destroy Godzilla and it sort of becomes the MacGuffin for the boring human subplot that gets in the way of the two titans of terror tearing each other limb from limb.

What Is Going On With Kong?

Now the movie picks up five years after the events of Godzilla King Of The Monsters and we join Kong who is currently living in a simulated Skull Island at Monarch Outpost 236.

After the Skull Island mission that took place in the 70s made his existence government knowledge he’s been placed under the protection of man and woman. Overseen by Ilene Andrews and her adopted daughter Jia who can communicate with him through sign language…sorry Gorilla sign language, he’s lived somewhat of a peaceful existence until he starts chucking trees about. This was something that we saw him doing in his solo movie when the Helicopters first arrive on Skull Island and it’s a pretty crap easter egg that I don’t even know why I bothered including.

However, linking back to Skull Island, we learn that Jia is actually the last of the Iwi aka the tribe that we met in that movie who lived somewhat of a symbiotic existence with the creature.

Now because he’s an Alpha Titan the organisation know that this puts him in direct competition with Godzilla and thus they have kept him shielded from the Monster in order to keep him safe because who doesn’t love big monke.

In the build-up to the film a lot of people wondered how Kong would end up going toe to toe with Godzilla due to the size difference. A lot of people, my wife included often say that size doesn’t matter but there were some people scratching their heads over how he would be a formidable opponent. However, we do learn in the movie that Kong has continued to grow and that the dome is becoming too small to stabilise him.

Apex Cybernetics

Now in these five years the shadowy organisation Apex Cybernetics have managed to build a gigantic robotic titan known as Mechagodzilla. Using the head of the Ghidorah that we last saw at end of King Of The Monsters Ishiro Serizawa’s son Ren has helped to perfect this titan killing machine and he is able to telepathically control it through neural linkups designed by Apex.

In the build-up to the film it was said in the leaks that there were a lot of similarities with Pacific Rim and I feel like these moments especially ape that film…pun not intended.

Their experiments are highly secretive but Bernie Hayes, the host of the Titan Conspiracy Theory podcast has managed to infiltrate their organisation by posing as an employee. Hayes unearths some of their dodgy dealings but before he can really get anywhere beyond seeing eye to eye with Mecha G, Godzilla shows up to eat some fish and ships.

Turns out you either die King Of The Monsters or live long enough to see yourself become a villain and the Titan has now become the latest victim of cancel culture due to his constant attacks on their facilities.

Madison Russell however realises that there are Stranger Things going on, eh, and she heads out with her friend Rusty from Deadpool 2 to get to the bottom of it.

Realising that their operations are going down worse than a Scamber Turd tweet, Apex enlists the help of Nathan Lind, a Hollow Earth theorist that dresses like Marty McFly who used to work for Monarch. Believing that genetic memory exists in all creatures, Lind theorises that all beings wish to return to their evolutionary source and thus they team up with Monarch and Kong to lead them on a journey to the centre of the Hollow Earth.

Godzilla Vs Kong Ending Explained full movie spoiler talk breakdown and things you missed

Journey To The Centre Of The Hollow Earth

Now Kong is taken across the ocean and on the way we can see that the character is sedated by giant green canisters which are strapped on a collar around his neck. This is actually a call back to the original vs film between the pair in which the humans used a similar sort of liquid in order to sedate him.

Now it’s on this voyage that Godzilla arrives for the showdown at sea that sees him not only beating Kong but also most of the Monarch and Apex vessels. This first showdown doesn’t disappoint and you can see why they put so much hype into this fight as it’s an awesome action scene that feels fit for a king…kong.

Up until this point, I feel like it was the best scene in the monster verse movies and by far was worth the waits and delays that have seen this film pushed back several times.

Godzilla Vs Kong Easter Eggs

When discussing this scene with IGN, director Adam Wingard talked about how he wanted to pay homage to Jaws in several ways and we see this not only with Godzilla’s dorsal fin soaring through the water but also the boat that he pulls under with him. Shot similar to the barrel scene it forces the humans into freeing Kong so that he can not only protect himself but also them.

The battle goes underwater and Godzilla clearly beats Kong making my boy take his first L in a long line of them. However, the humans disable the engines on their ships so that the G man thinks that they’re destroyed and Godzilla retreats.

Realising that he’ll come back as soon as they start them up again, the humans carry him across the sky in what is a reference to the hot air balloon moment that appeared in 1962’s King Kong vs Godzilla.

Along with Kong, Monarch enters the Hollow Earth and find an almost prehistoric landscape that is similar to Skull island. Due to the ceiling and ground both behind parts of Earth, there are severe gravitational anomalies and the hollow Earth is protected by natural forces similar to Kong’s home.

The Return Of the Skullcrawlers

Elsewhere Madison, her buddy Josh and Bernie manage to sneak into the Apex facility because the security is absolutely terrible. It’s worse than my best mate Riddled Richard’s anti-virus protection, and I don’t mean on his computer, I said are you having that.

Here they discover Apex running combat arenas against Skullcrawlers and the Ghidorah head which we learn has been implemented due to its telepathic abilities.

Their continued testing alerts Godzilla once more and he travels to Hong Kong to attempt to destroy the manufactured Titan.

New Titans

At Skull Island we’re introduced to new monsters including Nozuki and War Bat. The former is a giant winged Snake that we see two of getting their butts handed to them after our boy does some Kong Fu. The latter are large bat-like creatures that attack him inside the giant tomb for his species. This showcases some of the skeletons left behind in the war between the Gojira and Kong over the millennia and teases as their great rivalry.

Now, this used to be the Kong’s home but since they died out it’s become somewhat of a shrine. Along with the history lesson, Kong also gains an Axe, the blade of which is made from a Gojira dorsal fin. Capable of being charged by the energy source, the activation of this is sensed by Godzilla who blasts his way through from Hong Kong into the hollow earth chamber.

Kong travels through the crater and in the city they fight it out which leads to another amazing action scene. It’s like a live-action Rampage fight and it overall elevates the movie to be the best in the Monsterverse saga so far. I definitely feel like they brought out all that they could to make it so that the fights felt impactful throughout and though the human parts slightly bog down the overall story, these bits really shine.

What doesn’t shine though is my boy Kong who takes another solid L and with Godzilla weakened, Apex’s CEO Walter Simmons uses the hollow earth power to fully charge MechaGodzilla.

However, this backfires and Ren is killed due to the overcharge which allows the consciousness of Ghidorah to take over the machine and it murders Walter during his bad guy monologue before it ventures to the surface to avenge it’s death.

The humans manage to revive Kong and Jia convinces him to join Godzilla’s side without a save Mothra joke in sight.

Now the tagline of the film was ‘one will fall’ and I do feel like this was slightly misleading as I was half expecting a death but obviously these monsters crush it at the box office so Warner Bros didn’t wanna destroy what is becoming their tent pole franchise.

In the control room, Bernie, Josh and Madison help to short circuit MechaGodzilla and Godzilla power’s up Kong’s axe which he uses to destroy the mechanical monster.

With just Godzilla and Kong left standing it looks like the two are gonna face down against one another but the pair have somewhat found the respect that their ancestors could not and they go their separate ways to form their own kingdoms in their respective realms.

Godzilla Vs Kong Ending Fight Who Wins

Godzilla Vs Kong Ending Explained

Now this takes us to the Hollow Earth which has now become a Kong Monitoring station. Nathan is now likely singing Come On Eileen as he, her and Jia work together to turn the habitat into his new home, something that the monster was searching for the entire film. Because Skull Island was devastated by storms that wiped out the Iwi he had been left without one but this ancestral plane allows him to finally have a domain once more to rule over.

The Monsterverse has been very strict over not calling him King Kong but now at this point I feel that this is cemented. According to the original plot leaks on the film which pretty much got this entire story bang on, the screening for the movie revealed that Kong was going to be shown to be King Of The Hollow Earth whilst Godzilla would remain King Of The Monsters.

These separate domains allow them to be the Alpha’s of their respective Kingdoms without upsetting the natural order of events. Though we can’t verify exactly what was shown at the screenings this does make a lot of sense and it also opens the door to sequels that centre around them and their respective kingdoms.

Why No Post Credits Scene

Now Adam Wingard has done several interviews since the movie released overseas and he explained that the movie didn’t have a post-credits scene because he didn’t want to pigeonhole himself into going down a certain path. Though we now know that the movie was extremly successful in its opening weekend, they obviously didn’t know how big it would be when making it and thus they didn’t want to restrict themselves to one story avenue going forward.

I think that this is probably quite a smart thing to do as seeing Charles Dance at the end of King Of the Monsters then being completely removed from this film makes little sense and it means that they can just focus on that story as and when they get to it.

No doubt the pair will be back but it might be some time before we see them on screen together.

Godzilla Vs Kong Review

Now as for my thoughts on the film, I think you already know what my criticisms will be as they’re the thing that’s always lobbied against the movies in this saga. The human drama is pretty flat on the most part and there’s not even really any relationships this time around so it’s difficult to get attached to any of the characters. Whereas in the prior Monsterverse movies there’s been either the idea of love or family driving the storyline, here the characters might as well just be put in place to set up one plot point and take out characters to the next. That’s pretty much what they do with Kong and even people like Millie Bobbie Brown who was a big part of the last movie, get reduced to having very little to do. It’s the same with her dad who, even though he stared in the Peter Jackson King Kong doesn’t really get anything to do at all.

He’s pretty much just there to read text messages and it’s a shame as he was such a big part.

I feel like you could have removed their entire character arcs out of the film and it would pretty much be the exact same movie with little lost.

Which is a shame.

However, saying that I just wanna say Kongratulations to the team for all the monster scenes and action moments. They really saved this film in my eyes and completely elevated it. Every time Godzilla and Kong are on screen together there’s just dynamite to the movie that makes it exhilarating to watch.

Your hearts pumping, you’re on the edge of your seat and these scenes are the best that we could’ve got.

There are several bits where I was expecting Martin Scorsese to pop on screen and say ‘this is Cinema’ because it works so well.

So it feels bad to ding the movie for having crap human subplots when that’s not what we’re here for. What we really wanna see is a showdown between big monsters and this really delivers on this promise.

Out of all of the monster verse movies I feel like this reigns at the top with Godzilla in second place…which I incest you go back and watch. After that for me it’s probably Skull island and lastly is King Of The Monsters because ey, just thought it was pretty much. I was kinda gutted that Kong took consecutive L’s back to back as I would’ve loved for him to get at least one win in.

It’s a shame that due to the pandemic we can’t all experience this in the cinema as I think it would’ve been a blast to watch but unfortunately that’s the way the world is.

That being said though Godzilla Vs Kong was a blast and it gets a…


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