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DOCTOR STRANGE In The Multiverse Of Madness Trailers And TV Spots | Breakdown, Easter Eggs And Things You Missed

dr strange multiverse of madness benedict cumberbatch tv spot trailer breakdown

Ok so Big Spoilers ahead for Doctor Strange In The multiverse Of Madness. Several new trailers and tv spots have been released for the film and throughout this video, we’re gonna be breaking down all the easter eggs, hidden details and things you missed in the teasers.

Is it on like Chthon? Well, we’ll get into it and the first thing I wanna discuss is the monsters in the tv spot that was released on Saturday. This giant hulking beast is a big standout in the teaser and it looks exactly like the monster that was shown on the poster. There’s been a tonne of theories saying that this is Chthon however I think this tv spot clear sup that it isn’t.

During the teaser, it growls to Wong and we then see it in another shot in which it stands behind him. This then pans over to Wanda who appears to be fighting alongside him.

However, if you zoom in on the bottom right corner of the screen you’ll notice that there’s also an identical creature in the background behind her.

Now, in case you don’t know Chthon was the creator of the Darkhold and he wrote the book below Wundagore mountain which may have been where Wanda was during the post-credits scene of Wandavision.

The book lay dormant for centuries until it was found and its dark and dangerous magic was unleashed.

In the comics, Chthon actually inhabited the body of Wanda’s brother Quicksilver at one point and because of this many thought that Evan Peter’s return to Wandavision could signal his arrival.

Mephisto was like the layman’s theory but the true classy gent he was giving you Chthon all night long until the break of dawn.

Castle Darkhold

Now, these Monsters are in front of what I believe is in front of the gates to Castle Darkhold, which is also called Darkhold in the comics but let’s try and avoid any confusion. Scarlett witch is standing in front of a big doorway and the carvings on the back look exactly like a page from the Darkhold, huge shoutouts to Everything Always for spotting that detail.

Really lovely lad so go check out his channel if you like Marvel content.

With there being two I believe these creatures will very much be guard dogs to the area and they’ll be attempting to stop the person entering that’s in front of Wanda and Wong.

Now, I actually think that Wong isn’t really in this scene and if you look at him and play the clip over and over again, go on lad, talking to my editor Steven there, keep playing the clip.

Something seems a bit off.

The lighting is slightly wrong and he doesn’t actually seem like he’s part of the scene like Wanda is. There’s not the red glow surrounding him that’s in the other shot with the Monster and therefore I think that old Kevin Feige has just done his classic trailer trick and put stuff in to fool us.

This is because everyone pretty much knows Wanda is the villain now and thus he’s dropped Wong in so all our fan theories are Wong about what’s happening in the movie.


That deserves a thumbs up, come on now takes two seconds to click it.

Now they are clearly trying to make us think that Wanda isn’t the big bad by dropping in these creatures that look like Chthon and also by having Wong beside her.

However, if you look at the monster in the first shot you can see that its eyes are glowing red and that it’s basked in the colour of Chaos Magic. This colour is also present on the red ribbon-like monster that appeared to be attacking America and also Strange in the second trailer.

So yeah, I think the theories about these creatures being summoned by Wanda are indeed correct and she’s still the bad guy. Early reports for the movie that came out before the first teaser even dropped stated that she’ll be sending monsters after America so that she can steal her powers and these seem to line up.

Now in case you don’t know America in the comics has the ability to open up portals but unlike the rest of the sorcerors, these can be into other dimensions across the multiverse. Therefore it makes sense that Wanda is trying to take her gifts so that she can find a reality in which her kids are still alive and this is likely why we see two Wandas in the second trailer.

This is the same house that she lived in, in Westview in Wandavision so I think those leaks do make a lot of sense.

Sure we have clips of Wong standing alongside her but we also have clips where she’s going to the Illuminati base, fighting characters and getting covered in blood. Or oil, not the first time she’s had a robot made by Ultron splash out on…we’ll not go there yeah, keep it PG-13.

She’s going to the cell that we know America is trapped in so yeah, all the info about her being the villain I think is true.

Other shots in this teaser have her floating above Karmataj and blasting people. We have the opposite shots of this in the second trailer with Strange in the air and I believe that they’re fighting each other.

Now the Attack on Karma Taj seems like it’s gonna be a big action set piece at the midpoint of the movie. We’ve seen the grey cloud of smoke roll in and from what I’ve been told by leakers, this will actually be red in the movie. There are also the shots of Wanda levitating in a circle with candles surrounding her. This lines up with the opening of the first trailer and if you look at the floor, she’s sitting on a circle with a square-like shape in the middle. Cut to the courtyard of Karmataj and you might also notice that there’s a circle in the middle there that looks a lot like the one she’s levitating in. Therefore I think she kicks the crap out of the Wizards and then astral projects herself in the courtyard in order to follow Strange and America through the multiverse.

Other Karma Taj easter eggs are the Wizard with one hand which can be seen standing next to America and he appeared in the first Doctor Strange movie when Stephen went to meet The Sorceror Supreme for the first time.

Garden of Illusions

There is also the shots of them walking through the garden and we know from shots in other trailers that this also happens when Wanda does her speech about being the enemy.

I’ve talked about this a lot but in case you don’t watch all our videos which, yeah I’ll never forgive you, these are clearly the same scenes.

Strange is wearing the same clothes and even the position of Wanda is the same. The entire garden looks like it’s all an illusion and maybe Strange will get her back on the lunch box, but it’ll be the one the bully has.

They do a really cool bit where she comes across her kids as part of an illusion and this might even be carried out by the Illuminati. She reaches out to touch them but they disappear and either this is part of an illusion or it’s cooked up by some other characters. However, this does seem to be at the part where she’s in the Sanctorum and potentially she astral projects herself into another reality to meet them. She’s not strong enough and this might be why she has to go after America.

Professor X

Now Professor X was a big part of the trailers and Patrick Stewart kept denying it was him.

I for one believe the lad just blink if Kevin Feige has a gun pointed at you.

Now the Illuminati shot is missing a chair in the middle and according to the leaks, X gon give it to ya whilst he’s in a yellow hoverchair just like in the 90s cartoon.

We know that Disney is currently making an X-men 97 tv show for Disney plus and I’d love to see this work as an origin story for this version of Professor X.

I actually think that it might be professor X who traps Wanda in the illusion with her kids and he could be using it to try and calm her down. However, she’s stuck in this nightmare of thinking that they’re not with her and she breaks out of it. It could also be the other Wanda who can warp reality but I do think that it’s probably being carried out by the Illuminati.

Beyond this, it’s likely that Captain Carter will probably be a member too. The poster had her shield on it in the shattered glass and one of the members does look like her though she is heavily cloaked in shadow. I kinda feel like the Illuminati will be protectors of the Multiverse and that this might even be the one that we met in What If. Episode 9 had her facing off against Infinite Ultron and helping to beat him might have earned her a spot on the council. Really hoping that she’s in it and I’d love to see more nods to What If because there were some great episodes in it.

Book Of Vishanti

Now the book of Vishanti is rumoured to also be making a big appearance in the film. In case you haven’t read the comics, this is basically the exact opposite to the dark hold and whereas that’s filled with corrupting darkness that sucks the life out of you like having to watch Morbius 10 times to do an easter egg video, this is filled with light.

All fan theories but this was potentially shown on the poster and in the scene in which Strange is casting chaos magic you can catch what looks like it on the floor.

Potentially Stevie boy is gonna be using this to combat the dark hold and he might be using the chaos energy within it to match Wanda’s powers.

It is possibly what we see on the pedestal in the middle of the floating universe and this might actually be the centre of the multiverse itself.

Christine Palmer

Now Christine Palmer is probably gonna be playing a big role in the film but not in the way you think. We know that the MCU version is getting married as we’ve seen her walking down the aisle with strange standing in the Florence Pughs. This might be what he wakes up to get ready for at the start of the movie and it’s likely that she met someone in the five years between the snap and the blip. Stephen got snapped away in Infinity War and we know that this film is set roughly in between six months and a year after the events of Avengers Endgame.

More like Avengers End your relationship ey.

Anyway I doubt Christine met someone at that time and arranged a wedding so I think what probably happened is that Strange got snapped, she didn’t and someone snapped her up.

Can’t really cancel your wedding over someone who uses a Goatee template and so she didn’t cancel anything.

However, there’s also a second Christine who’ll be appearing in the Illuminati timeline and this variant looks like she’s gonna be important. During the second trailer when they open the hatch door you can see Christine, Strange and America. However, in the most recent teasers, she’s been removed so either the first one was a misdirect or this one is. Feige loves to play with our emotions so who knows at this point. There was a trailer dropped on Marvel India recently titled Truth which shows the start of this scene with the three standing there so I do think that she’s part of it.

Defender Strange

Now we know that there will be several versions of Doctor Strange in the movie. The truth trailer had some extended scenes of Defender Strange in it in which we could see his body floating around. He looks really limp and is likely dead having been killed by the monster that strings up America. If you look closely there are scars on his face and these later appear on the zombie looking strange that shows up on top of the mountain. Therefore I kinda think this version is killed early on in the movie and then Strange travels to the Illuminati timeline and he sees the Statue for him. He’s then likely taken in because they’re like ‘what the heck bro you’re supposed to be dead’ and this is when he goes before the council.

I kinda hope that the Christine Variant was dating him in this timeline and this would explain why she goes off with him.

Now it is possible that we see his body later on towards the finale and in the shot where America jumps in front of the Castle Seal if you look in the bottom right corner you can also catch what appears to be his body. Maybe they resurrect him with the dark hold or find a way to bring him back but the trailers make it seem like he’s gonna be a big part of the finale.

There’s also Sinister Strange who we now know isn’t the same version that was shown in What If. However, he likely had a similar path and if we look at the top of his Sanctorum it’s starting to melt away much like what happened to the city in that episode. There are also other shots of a city that has this same effect in the trailer and the entire place looks abandoned. I’m guessing that this is the universe he’s in and at the centre of this destroyed New York is his Sanctorum. Now there are even some special cameos here as Strange walks up to the darker Sanctorum and if you look at the skull on the floor you can catch Black Widow.

Anyway, we get a big fight between the two and Sinister strange appears with an eye in the middle of his forehead. This is something that typically shows psychic abilities and it was what the ancient one touched on in the first doctor strange film before sending Stephen plummeting through reality.

dr strange multiverse of madness trailer breakdown wanda

The Illuminati

Now as we mentioned the Illuminati is going to be a big part of the film and for the last two months, there have been lots of videos discussing the strange glowing figure in the teaser. Lots of people said it’s Tom Cruise as Superior Iron Man which….hmmm, there’s been that bloody Ryan Arey saying that it’s Johnathan Major as Iron Lad and then there’s ya boy, Kevin Spoilers saying it’s Maria Rambeau as a Captain Marvel variant.

The new tv spot gives us our clearest look at the character and I’m just gonna say what I said then.

Look at the hips, look at the beeeeewbs.

To me, that’s a woman and they also have the glow around them that Captain Marvel has but look at their hands as well.

Take your, take your dirty eyes off their body you pervert, look at the hands.

You can clearly see a blue glow emanating from them and as we know, Captain Marvel’s powers are pulled from the Tesseract and she also does something similar when firing off her blasts.

Therefore I think that this version probably pulls from a universe where she took the test flight instead of Carol Danvers and that this is how she got her powers.

Honestly, I’m just tired of arguing at this point and I want it over…please someone just leak the movie so we can end this all.

Now we’ve also had new shots of Mordo fighting Strange who he clearly blames for destroying the multiverse. In the shot of the Illuminati, we could catch him walking along the top with his sword sticking up which he unsheathes in this trailer.

Fight In New York

Now other new shots include the fight in New York with Strange standing on the top of a taxi. His red cape is gone so it’s likely helping out in the battle. We know from the trailers that Strange will fight the sea creature Gargantos here which was probably summoned by Wanda. America appears to be running in the street and it’s likely going after her which is why Strange is standing in front of her when he cuts the bus in half.

Anyway, that should cover everything you’ve been Wandering about ey and as for my thoughts on the tv spots, I honestly think this looks like it’s gonna be absolutely bladdy mental. Now we have also had the full runtime released and the movie will be 2 hours and 6 minutes.

This has had a lot of people complaining because it does feel quite short, however, Sam Raimi has never really delivered a long movie and most of his films are around the two-hour mark. Even Spider-man 2 is just 2 hours and 7 minutes so the guy definitely has the ability to deliver fully fleshed out films without them being overly long for the sake of it. It’s actually quite nice that we’re not gonna have a majorly long movie and because of this, I think the plot will be a lot simpler than most people expect it to be. I’m guessing that America arrives in the MCU, goes to strange for help then goes to Wanda and this is when she turns.

There’ll then be a big cat and mouse chase across the multiverse as they try to find a way to stop the Darkhold’s power over her and that’s pretty much what I’d imagine is gonna happen. Doesn’t need to be three hours but I can also totally see why people are a bit cautious over this as we’re used to having really long comic book movies at this point.

Anyway, I’m very excited and with the movie less than a month away I’m all aboard the hype train.

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