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DOCTOR STRANGE In The Multiverse of Madness Official Trailer Leak | Description, Details & Easter Eggs

Welcome to the Heavy Spoilers show I’m your host Paul aka your friendly neighbourhood spoiler man and we now have our first details on the Doctor Strange In The Multiverse of Madness trailer.

Throughout this video, we’re gonna be breaking down what happens in it, the context of how it’s getting released and some brand new exclusive leaks we’ve heard at the opening of the movie.

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With that out the way, thank you for clicking this, now let’s get into the Doctor Strange In The Multiverse of Madness trailer.

Ok so just for some context behind this, the trailer is apparently one of the post-credit scenes attached to the ending of Spider-Man No Way Home. Though we don’t know if this will be released in full online at a later date, our first full look at the movie will come with that film.

It was reported recently by a number of scoopers that we would be getting our first trailer for the film before the end of the year but whether that means it’ll drop online or not remains to be seen. Personally, I think that they might hold off until No Way Home has been released everywhere as it’ll give people more of a reason to go to the cinema in order to check it out.

No Way Home has just been delayed in Norway and there’s a number of places where the film isn’t gonna be out until January so I think they might hold off until then. Also, I was gonna do a Norway Home pun but yeah, them guys only found out this morning that the movie was getting pushed back which is pretty brutal.

dr strange multiverse of madness wanda scarlett witch trailer leak explained breakdown

Post-Credits Trailer

Now putting trailers as post-credits scenes is something that has sort of been done before by Marvel and if you cast your mind back to the ending of Captain America The First Avenger, you might remember that the Avengers trailer came with that. It was also done with the first look at Into The Spider-verse so they have a precedent for doing this.

My guess is that it’ll show some of the scenes from the upcoming film but when it’s fully released online that there will be some extended moments and shots just to flesh it out.

Now take these trailer leaks with a pinch of salt as a lot of info is still coming out just after the premiere and the truth often gets mixed in with lies when so many people are reporting stuff.

However, there are a number of reliable things that have been released that I wanna touch on first and that is that Strange Supreme will be back. He’s meant to be in this first look and though we aren’t 100% sure whether this is the version that we met in What If, it does seem likely. When we last left him he was inside his destroyed reality guarding over Kilmonger and Infinite Ultron so potentially he got sick of that and decided to seek out more power.

I absolutely love the idea of Strange fighting a darker version of himself from the multiverse and as we know this one has already somewhat defeated a brighter version so it just builds upon that.

Gargantos will also apparently be in the teaser too and though many reports stated that it was shuma gorath who would be in the movie, it’s actually this giant squid instead.

If you’ve been paying attention to the leaks on the movie then you might have seen that last week a lego set was released that confirmed this. According to the reports coming out after the premiere, we’ll see Gargantos throw a bus at Strange at one point which is meant to be a really cool action scene.

From the plot leaks that we’ve heard on the film, Gargantos will attack New York and Strange, Wong and America Chavez will have to go head to head with it. We will apparently learn that this was summoned by Wanda who is now obsessed with the dark hold and getting her children back.

It’s long been said that In The Multiverse Of Madness will feature lots of horror elements so you can expect monsters like this to pop up throughout the film. From what I’ve heard from my own sources, the film will actually open with an alternate version of Strange, Wong and America being chased by a giant red ribbon-like monster.

America will escape this dimension as her powers are based on the multiverse and in the same way that Strange can open portals in his reality, she can do it across the entire multiverse.

This variant of Strange that we see early on will be killed which is when the one in the MCU will wake up believing that he had a nightmare. Strange at one point will say that he keeps having these reoccurring dreams in which he dies and we’ll later learn that these are actually his deaths in other realities.

The teaser is meant to feature three big monsters and though I don’t know who these are outside of Gargantos, it’s gonna be interesting seeing Sam Raimi return to his horror roots in order to bring a darker movie to the MCU. According to the most recent trailer leaks, America Chavez will bring up HP Lovecraft the Horror Author who Strange says he’s not really a fan of. Just avoided getting yourself cancelled there mate.

Beyond that, though the title of the movie itself is actually based on HP’s book In The Mountains Of Madness which centred around an expedition to Antarctica that unearthed some vicious prehistoric life forms.

Now on top of this, we also get confirmation from this teaser that Wanda will be the big bad in the film. Though we don’t see her fighting against Strange she apparently faces off against Wong at some point so you can expect her to have fully turned on the wizards.

We also will apparently see her above a city sucking the energies out of all the inhabitants there. Absorbing life forces in order to become more powerful was of course something that Strange Supreme himself did so she may have learned this from the Darkhold.

Honestly, I love the idea that both of these characters will be in the film as they do share a lot of similarities. Like Wanda, Strange Supreme lost someone he loved and he became corrupted when trying to get them back. Much like Wanda, he turned to a power that he didn’t fully understand and I think having the two featuring in this movie makes a tonne of sense.

It also gives America someone to face off against as she can go head to head with Wanda whilst Strange faces off against the Darker version of himself.

Strange apparently says in the trailer that infinite worlds mean infinite threats and you’re meant to get the idea that the entire multiverse is going to be brought into this film. There’s also the threat of Wanda who will be chasing them throughout it as she’s desperate to absorb America’s powers.

Yes, a bit of social commentary there when a Russian is trying to take power from America but moving on.

Now why that apparently is, is because she knows there will be a universe out there in which her kids are still alive. Thus she wants to take America’s powers in order to open up portals at will so that she can travel into a reality where her kids didn’t die.

From what I’ve heard on the film this will actually lead her to run into alternate versions of herself and Wanda will become Zombie-like the longer the film goes on and the more that she gets corrupted.

dr strange multiverse of madness trailer leak breakdown explained

A Strange New World

Now other shots include Strange in outer space and also a medieval world. Whether the former is the dark dimension we don’t know but it’s good to see that there’s gonna be lots of different time periods and worlds. Raimi already visited the medieval times in Army of Darkness and I hope that we get a lot of nods to his other works in this film.

Either way that’s all the info I could find on the trailer and I’m really excited to see it when I go watch No Way Home. I think it’s a smart idea to kinda play this at the end of the movie as it gives people more of a reason to go to the cinema. From what I’m hearing No Way Home is absolutely incredible and I really can’t wait to see it. This trailer is just the cherry on top at the moment and knowing it’s gonna be attached to the film has got me so hyped.

I can’t wait to see Strange Supreme back and watching Wanda become more and more of a threat sounds incredible. If you’ve read House Of M then you’ll know just how much of a wildcard that she is and it really sounds like we’re getting what we should’ve had with the phoenix saga through her.

So yeah lots and lots of things to be hyped about and if you’ve seen the post-credits scene then let me know below if there’s anything we missed out of it or got wrong.

Would also appreciate you confirming what’s right so make sure you head to the comments whilst we wrap this video up.

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With that out the way thank you for sitting through the video, I’ve been Paul and I’ll see you next time. Take care, Peace

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