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DOCTOR STRANGE In The Multiverse Madness Superbowl Trailer Breakdown | Easter Eggs And Things You Missed

Welcome to the Heavy Spoilers show I’m your host Paul and we’re in the endzone now with the Superbowl trailer for Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness releasing online.

Throughout this video, we’re gonna be going over all the hidden details in it, teaching you right from Wong and also discussing our theories on who could be showing up in the full. I think the first trailer released at the end of No Way Home also fills in a lot of the plot too so we’ll be going over that and talking about how it teases what’s in this one.

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Ok, so when we last saw Stephen Strange he was the Doctor Making you forget rather than being the Doctor that you forgot about…Dre.


If you look at things from his perspective he has no idea why the multiverse has cracked open as he now no longer remembers P…some..someone from that movie. This is why he’s gone to Wanda, who after the events of Westview has been lying low near what may or may not be Mount Wundagore.

In the first trailer, we got a good look at her Garden in which it seemed like she’d planted hundreds and hundreds of white trees. Going off on a big symbolism tangent these in many ways represent the multiple worlds that we will be visiting in the movie. They’re all very similar looking but if you get up close you’ll notice minor differences to them.

Adding to this metaphor Strange first comes across Wanda pruning branches, terminology that was used in Loki when the TVA talked about shutting down an offshoot timeline.

The colour white typically represents peace and in spiritualism, it’s classed as being something that shows acceptance. The opposite to this is red which is embodied within Wanda’s red chaos magic.

My guess is that initially, Wanda will be at peace with losing her children but after she learns variants of them exist within the multiverse that she’ll attempt to go after them. Wanda will likely be the big bad in the movie and in the first trailer, we could catch Wong being held up by glowing red magic, probably hinting at her being the main antagonist in the film.

We of course also have the multiple Doctor Stranges and also Baron Mordo who we’ll talk about later on in the video.

If the darker version is indeed the same one from What If then he will in many ways be a mirror of Wanda as the pair both lost the person they loved. They tried whatever they could to bring them back including completely warping reality and there are a lot of great things that they can do here with both of them.

Wanda is somewhat a troubled character in the comics and throughout the graphic novel House Of M, she completely reorganised reality just to get her hearts desire. This created a dilemma for the X-men and Avengers who had to decide whether she was too dangerous to be left alive. In the end, it culminated with her uttering the phrase No More Mutants which could be flipped on its head for this film so that she creates them.

dr strange multiverse of madness trailer breakdown wanda

Wanda Branded A Villain

Now at one point in the teaser, we get her discussing how she’s seen as the villain for breakdown reality whereas if strange does it he’s lauded as a hero.

During this section, we also see several versions of Wanda including one where she fights a mysterious person covered in a golden light. The theories online are that this is actually Captain Marvel and that definitely makes sense. She’s clearly going against Wanda and ey, I’m down to see it. There are multiple versions of Wanda and it’s gonna be really interesting to see what they do with her.

At one point she can be seen looking over a version of herself as the Scarlett witch in Westview, namely the same house that she built in Wandavision. If you recall the show this was actually something that didn’t exist in reality and it was a location that vision wanted to create for the pair to grow old in. It seems like this might be a reality where she got to which links back to our theory from earlier that she’s trying to get someone else’s, kids.

One version is passionate towards the other whilst the other one seems to be defeated and we later see a version that is covered in blood, likely having massacred someone.

There’s also a zombie version of her looking really scary, likely about to suck the life force out of a character.

There’s a lot going on and this idea of multiples is shown early on when the trailer opens with Strange discussing his dreams.

The idea of eyes is given a lot of focus as we zoom in on not only Wanda’s but we also open with a close up of Strange when he talks about them. I love this idea that the nightmare is reality and not the dream itself and ey, nice dialogue.

He says that every night he dreams the same dream and we get a destroyed version of the Sanctorum where that’s all that remains in a certain reality.

Is that face…is that….no…no it cant be.

Now, this Sanctorum is something we saw the opposite side of in the first trailer and you can see from the running water along the floor that this is a set-up to the shot just before he meets Supreme Strange.

These dreams strange has are obviously not dreams and they’re in fact glimpses into the minds of his variants across the multiverse. They’re somewhat connected on a psychic level and perhaps their deaths are what triggers him to wake up at night.

In these glimpses, we catch a giant red ribbon-like monster and also America Chavez. Just as she’s about to get ripped apart you can see a portal open behind her in the shape of a star which is what she does in the comics. My guess is that just before she gets killed she gets pulled into this.

Also judging by the pillar in this scene, this is somewhere that featured in the first trailer when Strange, Christine and America went to.

Who Is America Chavez?

Now as for America Chavez, she’s not actually from the MCU and has come across from another reality. She’s something we know frighteningly little about but I do like her denim…vaddalin denim.

Now as for her powers and abilities, America can open multiversal portals so that she can travel across universes. She also has strength, invulnerability. and she’s of the most powerful characters in Marvel Comics.

She debuted in Vengeance #1 as part of the Teen Brigade fighting against the Young Masters of Evil and she’s also been a part of the Young Avengers.

Now she was meant to appear in Spider-man No Way Home but this was cut out due to the rescheduling in which the release order was switched so that that movie came out first.

We now have concept art from the film that shows America was the one that was going to bring Tobey and Andrew across but this was switched Ned who’s now a wizard or something. America also appeared at the statue of liberty at the end of the movie and it’s possible that she was the one who sent the villains and heroes back to their realities.

Originally America and her two mothers lived on the Utopian Parallel outside of the multiverse which may have appeared in the first teaser. At the risk of collapse, her mothers saved the reality but upon pulling it into the main multiverse they died, leading America to run away.

Through this, she would find the 616 reality and become the hero we know today. However, as of 2021, she was given a brand new origin story in the America Chavez Mad In The USA comic issue #3. In reality, the original origin was something she made up as her mothers were from earth and took her and her sister to a billionaire called Mister Gale.

She and her sister had something called Edges syndrome which Gale wanted to heal and against their parent’s judgement, they let him help. Her mothers would die helping the girls escape Gale’s island when it was revealed that he exploited them.

After the events of Vengeance, she would then join the Young Avengers in and fight off an interdimensional parasite that showcased her multiversal powers.

She would later join the Ultimates of Earth 616, not the edgy ones and help Captain Marvel and co on some of the most mind-bending cosmic adventures.

Her powers and multiversal knowledge will be key to helping Doctor Strange traverse the fractured realities and she’s definitely gonna be one of the most important characters in the movie.

dr strange multiverse of madness tv spot super bowl breakdown

Marvel Logos

Now the Marvel Studios logo being used for the film differs slightly from the standardised one used in the MCU. There’s actually a lot going on with this and in the fractured version of it, we can catch ones used from several franchises.

In the first trailer, we got the Fox and Sony one, and in this trailer, we get the X-men in the form of Professor X. There is also what appears to be the What If Logo and we do see a destroyed New York much in the same way that it was in that show.

I think the marvel studios logo in this one looks very similar to how it did in the series, possibly hinting at characters from that coming across.

Now Professor X will once more be played by Patrick Stewart and he seems to be part of a council in another reality.

Judging by the Ultron bots that surround it I’m guessing that this is one where the machine worked and it created a suit of armour around the world. The whole place seems prosperous but there’s an undertone of almost authoritarian due to the statues that we see. There’s almost a hammer and sickle one, giving us the idea that there’s something going on here we aren’t privy to.

This is actually being shot in a UK museum and shoutouts Chatterbox films for sending that through.

We know that the film was delayed and during this time there were extensive reshoots that are rumoured to have brought across several actors who will appear in cameo roles.

John Krasinski was trending a couple of weeks ago with fans asking that he finally plays Reed Richards and this would be an awesome way to introduce Marvel’s first family. When the movie was first announced it was reported that the Illuminati would be appearing in the film and if you look at the comics this was made up of several characters including Strange, Reed and Professor X.

I hope that we get some beyond that including a live-action version of Captain Carter from What If and also the true Quicksilver after they Ralph Bohnered us. Having Aaron Taylor Johnson show up would be big too as there has to be a version of him also out there in the multiverse.

There really is a lot of things that could happen with the movie and just in the same way that No Way Home kept us guessing I think that this film will too.

Huge thank you to impractical tv for also pointing out that you can catch Captain Carter’s shield in the poster so she may be part of the council as well.

I think that Defender Strange will be part of this too or that he might have died in this reality which is why there are statues for him. Seeing a character who they think has died coming in would of course arise suspicion and this may be why they bring him before the council.

Strange Variants

Now in the initial trailer, we encountered two new versions of Doctor Strange. This included the darker more sinister one and Defender Strange who we could see falling through a star-shaped portal. Two weeks ago a poster was released with the pair on it alongside the MCU version and I think that though Defender Strange seems like a good one, he’ll also be evil…or…well at least disagree with the MCU one.

Symbolically I think that he represents order taken to an extreme whereas the darker one is the opposite of this and a complete embodiment of chaos. This is why his Sanctorum is completely messed up and hurtling through an endless void.

Strange somewhat lies in the middle of the pair as he’s not completely chaotic but he’s also not regime enough to not cast forgetting spells just to make people stop remembering…remembering…som..who was it again.

Anyway, whether the darker version is from What If remains to be seen but this one is likely heavily along the same lines. We know from the trailer that Christine Palmer will be getting married to someone other than Stephen and much in the same way that the What If version lost her, Stephen could have to come to terms with this too.

She’s not dead though mate.

Now in the first trailer, we could actually catch her joining Strange and America Chavez so it does seem like she will be going with them into the multiverse.

I think Defender Strange will very much just be a suped-up variant who wants to bring order to everything and through him, we’ll see how this is just as bad as chaos.

If you cast your mind back to the first trailer you’ll remember Mordo talked about how Strange was the greatest threat to their universe.

Whilst it was implied that it was actually the Strange Supreme one, it could actually be the defender one too.

In the graphic novel Age Of Ultron, we came across an alternate version of Strange called…dun dun dun…Defender Strange.

We discovered that he was from an alternate universe in which Hank Pym had been killed by a time-travelling Wolverine so that he couldn’t create Ultron.

This led to an offshoot reality which was somewhat a fascist state. Everything came to a head when the witch Morgan La Fey attacked which could be mirrored in Wanda who also possesses most of her abilities.

Morgan messed up the entire reality and destroyed it just as Wolverine escaped which is something that Wanda could end up doing which is why we see Kamar Taj being attacked.

I also feel that the Mordo we’ve seen in the teasers is actually a variant of the character and not the one from the MCU. I think that would be a great twist on things and we know from the toys that he’ll be called Master Mordo instead of Baron which may or may not be hinting towards this.

Now we do see him as part of the council so I think that’s pretty much confirmed.

professor x patrick stewart multiverse of madness dr strange

Patrick Stewart as Professor X Returns?

Now Professor X coming back is obviously the biggest part of the trailer for me and since No Way Home, we know that anything is possible.

We do get a character from the comics in Rhintarh and he’s a wizard as well, possibly from another dimension or the MCU one.

He’s basically a giant minotaur and I can’t believe I’m saying this but he might be the least interesting thing about this internet-breaking teaser.

God damn Minotrau, GODDAMN.

At one point we also see America and Strange tumble through realities.

This includes one where dinosaurs still exist and it’s such a cool background detail.

There’s a moment where their forms turn into squares as well which was something that Thanos did to Drax in Infinity War when changing reality.

Now we know that Gargantos will be attacking New York early on in the movie and this is where Strange will meet America. In case you don’t know, the giant creature is actually a Namor villain but I think for this movie they’ve changed it up so that it comes from another dimension.

Giant squids were teased throughout What If and whilst it was initially thought to be Shuma Gorath, they may have changed things up to make it Gargantos instead.

The teaser has a shot of Wong fighting him and I expect this goes down early on.

The trailer ends with lots of action, including a zombie version of strange which I’m guessing could be the what if one. Judging by the shadowy entities that seem to be surrounding him he’s tapped into the dark hold and is about to destroy everything.

Really cool shot to end on and that’s the trailer baby.



Now as for my thoughts on the trailer, I think since Spider-man No Way Home that the marketing for these movies has changed quite a lot and Marvel will be keeping a lot of the big reveals in it pretty close to the vest. I’ve heard a lot of leaks on the film that I don’t want to go too deep into on a trailer breakdown but the movie sounds like it’s gonna be packed with cameos and lots of major characters turning up just like No Way Home.

That was such a big movie in terms of what it did for the genre and I think that this will knock it out of the park. There’s so many directions that they can take it and it’s got such a dark tone to it that it looks absolutely gripping.

This seems like it’s gonna be unlike any other MCU movie that’s come before and it’s important on a number of levels as it sets up one of the heroes as a big villain whilst also bridging the gap between the fox franchise.

Disney spent a lot of money buying the company and it’s about time they used some of the characters which I can’t wait to see.

Really really excited about it and obviously, I’d love to hear your thoughts below.

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