CAPTAIN AMERICA New World Order & THUNDERBOLTS Breakdown | Everything We Know, Plot Leaks, Red Hulk Harrison Ford Theories And Casting Rumors

Captain America: New World Order and Thunderbolts are some of my most anticipated MCU movies. There seem to be a lot of cool things coming out of them, and with the casting of Harrison Ford as General Ross, I think that the movies are going to be something special. Throughout this video, we’re gonna be breaking down everything we know about the films and also the plot leaks and rumours that are currently floating around about them.

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New World Order Cast and Story Rumours

Now for the first part, I want to talk about Harrison Ford’s role. William Hurt has played General Ross since the Incredible Hulk, but he passed away in March 2022, leaving a big hole in the Marvel Universe. For years, we’ve wondered when Red Hulk would be showing up, and it seems like Ford will be the one who turns into him. In case you haven’t read Red Hulk’s run, it picks up after the events of World War Hulk, with Bruce in a secure prison located underground. Hulk-like murders start to happen, and General Ross is also seemingly killed.

However, this turns out to be a life model decoy, and Red Hulk is in fact the general. Both the New World Order and Thunderbolts movies will be closely linked, with Ross becoming the President.

According to Daniel RPK, the Captain America movie will follow on from the Eternals, with there being a key focus on Tiamut. Last left in the ocean, the Celestial’s corpse will be excavated, and those that dig on it will apparently find Adamantium. This is, of course, the indestructible metal that was used to coat Wolverine’s skeleton, and it’s one of the most sought-after elements on the planet. We saw in Wakanda Forever how the UN was desperately trying to get Vibranium and France, bloody France even sent a SWAT team in to try and get some.

Wakanda stopped this, but the rest of the world is still desperate to get their hands on whatever they can to make them the new superpower. That’s where Tiamut and the quest for Adamantium come in. According to Daniel, Ross will want to claim the Adamantium so that the US can become the dominant force in the world. This will create a New World Order and allow them to sell the element or use it to control others.

Standing against the President of America will be Captain America aka Sam Wilson.

They’ve had run-ins in the past, with Ross being the reason that they had to go into hiding after Captain America: Civil War. During Avengers: Infinity War, Cap, Sam and the rest of the group showed up at the Avengers Compound, which is when Ross told Rhodey that he had to arrest them.

They all got pardons after saving the universe, but Ross seems like the kind of person that holds grudges. Thus, Sam will apparently form a team with people that we’ve met before. Firstly will be Joaquin Torres as The Falcon, and in The Falcon & The Winter Soldier, we saw him taking Sam’s wings.

Carl Lumbly will be playing Isaiah Bradley as well, and he was also introduced in the Disney+ show.

Who The New World Order Villains Will Be

As for the villains, there are rumours that we will be getting multiple adversaries. From D23 Expo, we know that Tim Blake Nelson will be returning as The Leader, and I have a theory about what he’s gonna be doing. The most obvious idea is that he’s trying to get the Adamantium himself.

However, I think that his role won’t be connected to it. Instead, he’ll be how Ross turns into The Red Hulk. In The Incredible Hulk, he took a sample of Hulk’s blood, and this also dripped onto his head and started to transform him. She-Hulk saw the Intelligencia attempting to get She-Hulk’s DNA, and in the comics, he was also an Intelligencia member.

Though it might not be connected, I think that The Leader might have cracked how to turn people into Hulks and that he will be the one who turns Ross into the Red iteration. The US government has been trying to crack the Super Soldier Serum secret for decades, and the programme on which Banner originally started his journey was about trying to replicate it.

Potentially, The Leader has been hired by Ross to find a way to Hulkify people or even replicate the Hulk’s power.

I think that Ross will then take this and potentially the Leader could end up manipulating and controlling him. This will allow him to bring in his own New World Order and also gain the adamantium.

Along with General Ross, MyTimeToShineHello has stated that Liv Tyler is also in talks to return as his daughter Betty.

In the comics, she ended up becoming Red She-Hulk, and this transformation was carried out by the Leader.

This would be a great foil for She-Hulk, and I have a feeling they might take this route if Red Hulk is brought into the MCU.

NowMyTimeToShine also said that Jessica Chastain is being eyed to play one of the main villains. Though it was theorised that she could play Sin this has been debunked.

It’s been said that she’s playing someone big, but it’s not who you think. I think she’s playing Mystique, and, therefore, she’s not playing Mystique, because it’s not who I think.

Once we go through every character that we think it is, using the process of elimination, the only character that it can possibly be is Jean Grey. Even now you’re thinking “nah, she’s not playing Jean Grey.” But the fact that we all think it’s not her means it is… right?


F**k’s sake.

Thunderbolts Main Villain Rumours And Story Hints

Anyway, Captain America: New World Order releases in May 2024, and Thunderbolts is the follow-up in July.

For months now, we’ve heard rumours that Sentry will be in the movie, and I think it would be the ultimate power play by Marvel to hire Henry Cavill for this. Sentry is basically your Superman archetype, and there are rumours that he will eventually become the villain.

So far, the lineup is made up of Yelena Belova, Bucky, Red Guardian, Ghost, US Agent and Taskmaster. It’s also rumoured that Abomination will be in the lineup too but that they kept it a secret to not spoil the ending of She-Hulk. Which… was it even really an ending? Kinda dropped the whole Todd mystery… look, moving on.

Val will be the person who formed the group, and she will also appear in Captain America: New World Order in a smaller role. She was also after the Vibranium, but with Adamantium now on the table, she could also be seeking that.

Now according to rumours about the film up to this point, Tiamut will have been transformed into the island of Genosha. In case you don’t know, this ties in heavily with the X-Men. The comics had it becoming a sanctuary for mutants that Magneto oversaw. I doubt he’ll be the leader of it at this point in the MCU, but the Thunderbolts will be sent there on a quest to acquire Adamantium. Potentially, the attempt to get it in Captain America fails, and the US has to go down less official avenues. The Thunderbolts are the MCUs answer to The Suicide Squad and, because of this, the country has plausible deniability when they’re sent out on jobs. Say the official mission fails, the unofficial one could be launched by Val and friends to take the mineral under the radar.

Val is the head of the CIA, and she will apparently create the Sentry to help out with the mission.

However, if you know the comics then you’ll know the character is someone that can’t be controlled, and he’s switched sides several times. I say sides – most of the time, he’s a loose cannon that’s pretty much on his own team. Though I wouldn’t necessarily say he’s out for his own best interests, he’s also someone who can’t really be controlled. The Sentry has complex mental health issues, and these often see him going off into an uncontrollable rage where he wreaks havoc. The major issue with Sentry is that he has never fully mastered his abilities, so when he unleashes them, he often loses control and destroys things that he doesn’t mean to.

He’ll apparently turn on The Thunderbolts mid-mission, and they’ll have to take him out.

How this is done, we don’t know, as he’s far more powerful than they are.

Several weapons in the MCU can take down a Superman-level threat though. You’ve got overkill tools like The Ultimate Nullifier, or they could just build a weakness into Sentry.

The comics frame his main weakness as being Anti-matter. His dealing in the control of molecules means that this has a big effect on him. This isn’t his only weakness either, and due to his mental issues, he is very vulnerable to psychic attacks. Potentially one of the mutants on Genosha triggered him, though that is delving way too far off into Theory Time.

Now that’s all the rumours, plot leaks and general things that we’ve heard about the movie.

It’s still a while off and all this is subject to change so take it with a pinch of salt but I’ll keep you updated if anything changes or if we hear anything else.

In the meantime, I’d love to hear your thoughts on what you want to see in the movies and whether you’re excited about Phase 5 or not.

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