BOOK OF BOBA FETT Episode 6 Easter Eggs, Ending...

BOOK OF BOBA FETT Episode 6 Easter Eggs, Ending Explained & Spoiler Review | STAR WARS Breakdown

the book of boba fett episode 6 disney plus cad bane ending explained breakdown

Ok so the Book Of Boba Fett Episode 6 is now out and the new entry is packed with Easter eggs, things you missed and also lots of hidden details. The finale is just one week away and throughout this video, we’re gonna be breaking down the entire thing and also discussing what we think could be happening next week.

Full Spoilers ahead so if you haven’t had a chance to check it out then I highly recommend you take an R2-Detour and I’ll C-3po you later….what? Also, smash the thumbs up button if you’ve been following us for the last 6 weeks as it’s the best way to support the channel and I’ll always think Yoda best.

With that out the way, thank you for clicking this, now let’s get into the Book Of Boba Fett.

Ok so last week showed things from the perspective of The Mandalorian and we watched as he tried to master the Darksaber. After the Armorer discovered that he’d removed his helmet she announced that he was no longer a Mandalorian and now was just a man.

Mando returned to Tattooine and along with Furry lover Peli Motto, the pair built a new ship for him out of an N1 Starfighter.

After a joyride that defied Beggars Canyon Belief, he returned to the hanger to find Fennec Shand who was here to hire some Muscle.

That takes us into Episode 6 which sort of brings all the pieces together before setting things up for the finale next week.

The Force is Strong in Filoni and Favreau

Now the episode is written by Dave Filoni who you’ll probably know as being behind the Clone Wars. Together with Jon Favreau, the pair have helped to show this is the way on Disney plus with classic after classic.

Now we open with the Pykes out in the desert of Tatooine, surrounded by moisture towers. They have a speeder which looks like the one that Han rode in at the start of Solo A Star Wars story and also a container full of ye mighty loot.

You might recognise these containers from star wars lore and they actually were an ice cream maker that popped up in the original trilogy. Since then they’ve been sort of used as an in-joke and have sort of become a mainstay.

The group are interrupted by the marshall of this territory, Cobb Vanth, Vanth Refrigeration.

Last seen in Episode 1 of Season 2 of The Mandalorian it’s an awesome way to kick start the cameo packed entry which features a number of big names.

It’s clear that people just don’t take too kindly to the Pykes and he sends them a warning that if they run spice through Mos Pelgos then they’ll wind up in a ditch…a Sarlacc pit if you will.

He tells them to leave a chest that the Pyke says is worth more than the entire town and this is filled with the narcotic spice. Spice is basically a drug in the star wars universe that was used in things like death sticks and it was based on the substance of the same name from Dune.

Similar to that franchise it’s heavily sought after and it also has hallucinogenic qualities. George Lucas stated he was heavily inspired by Dune and maybe the Pykes should just go to Arrakis or something. They don’t want to let bygones be bygones though and eventually send a bounty hunter after him which ties into the title From the desert comes a stranger.

We’ll talk about this later on but after the title screen, we jump back to Mando piloting his new craft.

At this point we see R2-D2 scanning the area and he, of course, recognises this starfighter as he flew one with Anakin.

the book of boba fett disney plus star wars ending explained breakdown

Mando announces that he’s here to see Luke and Grogu and we get a tonne of scenes with them as we watch the former training the latter… R2 last appeared alongside Luke in the Mandalorian season 2 and we initially get a fake-out that looks like a rock levitating due to the force.

This brings up similar iconography to when Luke did it in the Empire Strikes back but alas it’s just a spider-like droid building a stone house. Jump to a legion of these putting together a structure that you might recognise from The Last Jedi as being on Ach-to.

The temple itself was also shown briefly in The Force Awakens and I believe that this is what they’re putting together.

This is very much the beginning of Luke’s Jedi Academy which as we know from the sequel trilogy was doomed.

Now did I ever tell you the tragedy of Darth Plage…sorry Luke’s Jedi Academy? It’s not a story Disney will fully tell you in one movie.

After The Battle of Endor, Luke looked forward to working to rebuild the Jedi Order and took on his first student, Leia. We saw this through flashbacks in Rise of Skywalker and on the last day of her training sensed the death of her son. Due to this, she chose to end her training.

I’m not sure how the timeline will work on this as Grogu is said to be the first student but this is likely referring to the school itself rather than the first person he trained.

Luke then spent some time finding force-sensitive children and also teamed up with Lor San Takka a sort of historian and church of the force member (yeah the guy who gets oofed at the start of Force Awakens was super important).

During the events of The Mandalorian, Luke would be led to Grogu after his meditation on Tython and take Grogu for training at his new academy.

During this time, Luke would also be researching the Jedi Order. He spent years finding trinkets and understanding this history such as searching for the Sith Wayfinder on Pasana. One of the most important devices he would find is a compass on Pillio during the Star Wars Battlefront 2 story that allowed him to find specific hidden Jedi locations and he would even find remnants of the great tree that grew at the heart of the Jedi Temple on Coruscant.

Luke would form an academy of his own, the one we see being built in this entry that was later burned down by Kylo Ren.

Before the fall, Luke would conduct missions and teachings to new apprentices and Ben was placed in Luke’s care to be taught how to use his raw force power and keep him safe from the mysterious Snoke.

However, Ben would be brought on missions as seen in the Rise of Kylo Ren comics and would have his mind twisted by Snoke throughout just like Anakin was manipulated to fall by Darth Sidious. Luke would wield his lightsaber after he feared Ben had fallen but Ben took this as Luke wanted to kill him leading to one almighty falling out between uncle and nephew.

Luke would then retreat to Ahch To, the first Jedi Temple believing the Jedi Order was a failure. He would attempt to hide and cut himself off until he was found by Rey.

What is the Fate of Grogu?

Now we don’t know what Grogu’s fate is in all of this but there is potential that come next episode that Grogu will choose to be a Mandalorian and that he will escape the purge.

Now after Mando gets a bench built for him he has to sit and wait for the Jedi to reveal himself much like when Luke reached Dagobah.

Cut to Luke and Grogu training and I’m so glad that they fixed the former’s face. There was something slightly off about him in The Mandalorian but here he looks way, way better.

If you cast your mind back to the aftermath of Season 2 then you might remember that there were several people who put out videos fixing the character and we do know that one of these actually got hired by Lucasfilm.

The deep fake works way better and it’s difficult to tell it apart.

They even have the scar above his lip and in case you don’t know Mark Hamill was actually in a car accident after a New Hope. He had to have extensive surgery and due to his face being slightly different they used the Wampa in Empire to sort of explain it away.

This was before the internet though so I dunno if anyone noticed or cared because I didn’t. You Luke great ey.

Now Grogu as always is a fiend for them frogs and he almost eats one but Luke says quit yo jabba jabba and gets him to drop it.

He then lifts the frogs like it’s an all you can eat buffet and much in the same way that Luke didn’t believe he could lift the X-wing, Grogu is mystified by the power. Size matters not and this is given lip service by Luke when the pair go for a walk. Though it looks like Grogu is jumping along we do see through Luke’s hand movement that it’s actually him doing it.

Grogu can’t jump and later in the episode Luke makes jumping one of his most important tasks. Jedi can of course jump great distances and it’s a great scene.

He talks about Yoda, and we still know very little about his species. George Lucas purposely kept them ambiguous so that the species had a mystery surrounding them and even the way that Yoda talked was unlike any other character just so that it was almost like a riddle.

This is something that Luke brings up and he tries to tap into his memory which is where we see the events of Order 66 playing out on Courscant.

We still don’t know who saved Grogu but there are three Jedi that defends him, however all die as the Clone troopers close in and I have a feeling that someone else will jump down and stop him from being slaughtered.

As for the Jedi that protects him, I believe that this is Cin Drallig, Bene & Whie Malreaux. The lightsaber colours of green, green and blue match theirs and it does seem like the trio. Bene was also a nod to the Bene Gesserit from Dune, who heavily inspired the Jedi order.

Now there might be an inconsistency here as a hologram showed Anakin cutting through them in Revenge of the Sith but yeah, I could be wrong so comment below and let me know.

We’ll probably learn more about Grogu’s history in The Mandalorian Season 3 but this is a nice little teaser of what’s to come.

Luke says he’ll teach him how to protect himself and the Jedi of course are known for their defence rather than their attack. I love the phrasing of this and he also brings up Do or Do Not, there is no try.

This is something that Yoda too said and the entire training scene somewhat mirrors the one on dagobah.

There’s Luke running with Grogu in a backpack similar to what he did with Yoda but this time he’s the Master instead of The Apprentice. He does the flip that he also did in Empire and it’s such a great moment.

We also catch the laser training remote that Luke used in A New Hope and I do wonder if this is the same model. This is something that we saw Younglings using in Attack of the clones to master their abilities and it’s nice that he’s brought across the staples of Jedi training into his new vision.

the book of boba fett episode 6 mando ending explained breakdown

Its all Connected

Now we cut to Mando lying on the bench and at this point, he’s greeted by Ashoka.

She says she’s an old member of the family and she was of course Anakin’s Padawan in The Clone Wars.

We see that R2 brought Mando to Ahsoka instead but as Jedi mustn’t really have attachments she forbids it. We of course know what happened with Anakin and Padme and Jedi’s in love end up in Alderaan places…which…is that a good joke.

I dunno.

But the Mandalorians are supposed to act as a tribe that care for one another, whereas the Jedi kinda forbid them from having any people in their life that they love.

Is he a foundling, is he a padawan, we don’t know but I hope that Mando gets him out of there before Ben shows up.

We get it confirmed that the pouch has armour in it and as the Armourer said last week, Beskar can only be used for defence and not as a weapon. This is because it could be used on the Mandalorians but even with all that armour, they can still have their heartbroken.

Rather than seeing him, Mando makes the tough choice not to as it would interfere with his training and I wasn…I wasn’t crying when I watched this bit.

Grogu reaches out to his ship as it leaves and it’s a really sad moment.

He must find balance in the force and this is put through into his training literally in which he must balance.

Sometimes the crap jokes do themselves.

Eventually he masters the jump and Grogu destroys the training remote through mastering the force.

We discover that he’s very much remembering things rather than learning them afresh and he’s clearly repressed a lot of his memories due to the trauma that he faced.

Ahsoka brings Luke the Grogu shaped package and Ahsoka tells Luke about his father and all the kids like Grogu that he killed.

I’m just kidding, punk.

Ahsoka ends up leaving and she may even end up joining Mando’s side as he teams up with Boba to stop the Pykes.

Now Mando is the wielder of the Darksabre, but the question remains, will he be able to use it to unite all of Mandalore as per the prophecy spoken by The Armorer? He will need training just like Sabine Wren as he finds the Darksabre very heavy and this makes it difficult for him to use. Through Rebels, we learn that that is something that can only be helped with training. With Mando heading to meet Grogu, there is a possibility that will Luke sense something in him and currently, there are a lot of theories that he’s actually force sensitive.

He had quick reflexes and managed to survive in situations others would perish in and has superior skills. This can be explained as Mandalorians and Jedis are natural enemies so would have used training to become a Jedis combat equal. He has raw skill but as Luke said in the Season 2 finale “talent without training is nothing” and The armourer said his mind is not focussed.

If he is force sensitive then it may explain his power and being OP other than being a highly trained Mandalorian. Another clue is that Mando has an incredibly strong connection with Grogu. Grogu doesn’t really listen to anyone else and Ahsoka struggled to train him, hinting that there might be a strong force bond between Grogu and Mando.

If he is indeed force-sensitive, it could lead to him being just like the creator of the sabre, both a Mandalorian and Force-sensitive This would lead to him being almost like the second coming of the Tarre.

He will need the boost of being force sensitive if as a foundling he is to sit on the throne of Mandalore after his exile from his guild but he will need to train to use the sabre first.

Back at the Palace

Cut to him returning to Tattooine and we can catch the twin suns from Space.

Mando flies into Jabba’s hanger and you can catch a sail barge at the entrance which of course appeared in Return Of The Jedi.

A Gammorean greets him and after namedropping fennec shand he’s taken to the briefing room where we see her, the Mayor’s Majordormo, Black Krrsantan and The Mod Gang.

Now as for the gang, they’re named the MODS, which is actually a play on Mod culture in the UK. Mod in Star Wars means modification whereas in real life it meant modernist. The bikes the gang use are based on Lambrettas and though they’re going down worse than a beef burger at a vegan festival, I do actually like the crew.

There’s been some criticism that the bikes look stupid and colourful but this is coming in a time when the Empire had just fallen. They pretty much kept everything uniform and just like the way our own Mods rose in the wake of World War 2, these mods have sprung up after the conflict.

Now Fennec says that the Mayor has flown off-world to which his servant says it was a scheduled vacation.

Bit of political social commentary there that we won’t go into but quite a funny line from Dave Pasqueezy.

They have enforcers but not enough for an all-out war and Din Djarin says he can help with that.

Cut to Jawas who have mounted the skull of  Krayt Dragon on their Sandcrawler.

These giant beasts roamed the Desert and we of course saw Mando take one down at the end of Season 2 Episode 1.

I think this might even be the same skull from that entry as Mando killed it and left the head intact.

You can’t park here mate, can’t park there but Cobba kinda cools the situation down for him.

Cut to the bar that the pair met in and we see that the Weequay is still running it. This guy is played by W. Earl Brown who you might recognise from the series Deadwood. In that Timothy Olyphant played somewhat of a Marshall in a way…in a way and as always it’s all connected.

Been telling you.

the book of boba fett episode 6 disney plus cad bane ending explained breakdown

Cad Bane

Mando wants him to step up or get stepped on as the Syndicate will take over. Mos Pelgos is renamed Freetown which is what it was called in the expanded lore books that first introduced Cobb.

The townsfolk in these parts are of course worried that they could lose it all but Cobb puts a call out. We can also catch a Bantha in the background but the peace is quickly disturbed by the arrival of Cad Bane.

Now This was actually the biggest moment for me in the episode and it’s so good to see him here. This is the first time he’s ever appeared in live-action and though many of us expected him to arrive in this episode it was by no means any less cool when he turned up.

With him appearing across the expanded universe, he has become a firm fan favourite.

Considering he’s the most Wild West looking bounty hunter, it makes sense that he was introduced in this episode walking through the desert in a shot that feels like it was ripped out of the good, the bad and the ugly.

He was mentored by Jango Fett previously and took his rank as the best bounty hunter after Jango got killed in the battle of Geonosis.

During The Clone Wars, he would work with other bounty hunters and was notoriously powerful especially against Jedi. He was hired by Darth Sidious on occasions and given the job of getting a Kyber crystal from the Jedi Temple

In the later stages of the war went on to mentor Boba Fett and he trained during The Clone Wars.

We last saw Cad Bane in The Bad Batch Disney Plus show where he was hired by Lama Su to hunt down Omega. She is a genetically unmodified clone and is very much the quote-unquote sister of Boba Fett.

Hunting her brought him into direct conflict with Clone Force 99 and even Fennec Shand who intercepted the bounty on her. Fennec won and the pair now find themselves in opposite factions once again as Cad Bane arrives in Freetown working for the Pykes.

He says that the Pykes will match whatever Fett is willing to pay them and all that he has to do is stay out of it. This very much mirrors the three families talk that Boba had earlier in the season and it’s clear that they want people to stay out of the upcoming war.

The pair have a quick draw like it’s pulled right out of an old western and it’s such a cool way to end the entry.

Not only does Bane takedown Cobb he also takes the new guy out too and announces that Tattooine belongs to the syndicate.

Now we don’t know if Cobb is dead and if you have the subtitles turned on you’ll see that they mention there being something wrong with him and that he needs help.

Yeah mate, he’s just been shot, but the fact that they don’t say that he’s dead could mean that he’ll pop up again. Cobb Vanth is at this point a really liked character and I’d love to see him survive this and show up again.

Cut to the only Bar in the galaxy that will pay you for polishing your helmet and we see as the Pykes leave an explosive container behind, which is of course similar to the one at the start of the entry.

Cut to the fully built temple and Luke presents Mandos gift which as many of you guessed was chainmail armour.

Strong enough to block a lightsaber it’s something that would be very valuable to him.

However Luke offers him a choice, he can either become like The Mandalorians or like the Jedi. He presents him Yoda’s lightsaber which retcons how it was destroyed by Darth Vader in the comics.

I think the show is very much dealing with what way Grogu will go and though we don’t see the outcome of this I think he might even pick the armour and return to his dad.

Now as for my thoughts on the episode I thought that this was outstanding and for me, the show gets better every week. They delivered home run after home run in this entry and it’s incredible that we got this much fan service. Though the show has run away from being a Boba Fett one, I’m still loving it and this is some of the best star wars that we’ve had in a long long time.

One of the major problems I’ve seen said online about it is the pacing issues as we’re dealing with flashback heavy entries and ones that don’t even feature the titular character. I think that had this been marketed as a sort of Game Of Thrones story in which several characters were part of the cast in order to tell an overarching narrative that it wouldn’t really be a problem but as this book of Boba Fett it is kinda expected that he should be the one at the front.

I haven’t really had a problem with it though and I am excited for the finale which airs next week.

As many of you know my wife is pregnant with twins that are due to come in the next two to three weeks so if I don’t have a video out next Wednesday then they’re probably either coming or they’re already here.

I will try and post as soon as I can though but I appreciate you bearing with me.

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