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BOOK OF BOBA FETT Episode 3 Easter Eggs, Ending Explained & Spoiler Review | STAR WARS Breakdown

the book of boba fett rancor ending explained breakdown

Welcome to the Heavy Spoiler show I’m your host Paul aka the guy who’d love to have his helmet polished by Madam Garsa and this video we’re gonna be breaking down Book Of Boba Fett Episode 3.

The episode is filled with easter eggs, brand new characters and a whole host of things that hint towards what’s gonna be happening in the future.

If the intro hasn’t ruined your light-year then come with us to a galaxy far far away as we break it all down in our spoiler-filled video. Make sure you smash the thumbs up button if you love No-Finn more than our Lukewarm puns and also subscribe because Wesa Be-winging you breakdowns on the show every week.

With that out the way, thanks for clicking this, now let’s get into Book Of Boba Fett Episode 3.

Ok, so last week was very much a Lawrence of Arabia Esque entry that showed Boba Fett’s rise in the desert. Clearly taking inspiration from the likes of Dune he helped the Sand People to gain control of their land once more. We saw a completely different side to them and whereas in the past they’ve been simply regarded as savages, both this and The Mandalorian have shown that they possess more depth.

Also if someone can hook me up with one of those desert lizards it’d be really appreciated.

Now in the present, we also saw as he came face to face with two twin Hutts who had Black Krrsantan amongst their ranks.

That should have you fully caught up as we dive into the new entry which is called The Streets Of Mos Espa.

In the entry, we learn Fett isn’t really respected and thus he works his way up from using Gangs in the streets so that he can take on the Elites.

Cut to the cavernous rocks outside of Jabba’s palace and we see the B’omarr order which is a spider-like droid that could be spotted in the background of Return Of the Jedi.

These originally were a group known as the Bomarr monks who believed that in order to achieve enlightenment that they had to transform themselves into something that would completely isolate their minds. They had their brains put into jars and used these spider-like droids to move around.

A City Divided

Now inside we see 8D8 laying out a holographic map of Mos Espa, this is actually being illuminated by a droid much in the same way that RD-D2 showed Luke a Hologram of Leia in A New Hope. It’s littered with red markers and we learn that these are businesses that were under the protection of he who should not be named.

No, not Voldemort.

8D8 doesn’t wanna bring him up in case Fett feels insulted but it very much shows how Jabba’s reputation still goes on long after his death. This is hammered home by 8D8 referring to the rescue by Luke as the Sail Barge Disaster. This makes it sound like it crashed rather than what really happened which is that Luke and co defeated the Gangster when rescuing Han Solo. I think this line of dialogue has been put in place to show how much fake news the Hutts probably spread as if it got out one of them had been beaten by Rebels it might make others rise up against them.

We learned that after this happened that there was a power vacuum and Bib Fortuna stepped into Jabba’s place.

The rest of Mos Espa was then divided up amongst the three families which give this intro somewhat of a Godfather/Mafia Esq feel to it.

The Trandoshans took the city centre and you might have noticed that whenever Fett and Fennec go into town that there are often long shots of them sitting in this area.

We learn that Aqualish took the Workers district and they’re the same species as Ponda Baba was from a New Hope.

Lastly, the Klatooinians took the starport and upper sprawl and we learn that Bib lined the pockets of the Mayor which is why Fett was expected to give him a tribute in episode 1.

At this point, one of the Vassals arrives and Fett says that they might finally learn what’s going on in this murky fen. Murky Fen is a song by Slabdragger though I dunno if that’s just a coincidence, as the lyrics of it don’t have any meaning but it is a banger.

At this point, we meet Lortha Peel played by Stephen Root who you might recognise from Get Out and Office Space. He’s a water monger from the worker’s district and moisture is extremely scarce in the desert which is why people have to do jobs like being moisture farmers and water mongers. In the comics, Jabba actually put a tax out on Water but we’ll talk about that more in the Black Krrsantan part of the video.

Now the monger mentions that Tattooine was once covered with water and this actually ties into the origin story that the planet had in the expanded lore. The whole planet was luscious vegetation but over time it eroded into the wasteland we see today.

Peel talks about the gang and how they’re half man-half machine, something that Darth Vader was also referred to as. They have modified their bodies with droid parts to become even more deadly and though Peel wants Fett to get rid of them he sees how much fear they put into the locals which is something that he currently doesn’t do.

the book of boba fett arden lynn disney plus series ending explained breakdown

Arden Lynn?

He heads into Mos Espa and at this point, we’re introduced to the gang who may or may not be led by Arden Lynn. I know that Sophie Thatcher is playing her and I went through the credits about 4 times looking for what actress it could be and it only says Cyborg Gang Leader. However, on the off chance, it is Lynn I thought I’d quickly break her down.

So Arden first debuted in the game Star Wars Masters Of Terras Kasi which was released back in the day when Uncle Kevin spoilers was on the playground ruining the Phantom Menace for people.

On an unrelated subject, I had a mate at school called Andy Jackson who I told him, I said that Palpatine was Darth Sideous but he just wouldn’t accept it. We ended up going to different schools by the time Revenge Of The Sith came out and confirmed it and I just wanna let the lad know that I haven’t forgotten. I’ll never forget.

Anyway, in the original cannon, she and her boyfriend Xendor were both parts of a faction of Jedi that split off from the main sect. They started delving into the darker side of the force and though they weren’t classed as Sith they very much helped to lay the groundwork for them.

Arden was awakened by Inquisitors that worked for the Emperor in the wake of his death at the end of the Return Of The Jedi. Interestingly in the expanded lore, she was actually killed by a clone of Darth Sidious and whilst all this was written before the Rise Of Skywalker it’ll be interesting to see if that’s incorporated into this new story or not. Personally, I think that she’s gonna be used to bring Terras Kasi more into the mainstream canon after it was mentioned in Solo a Star Wars Story.

Now it does look like things are a bit different and we see one of the gang members has a cybernetic eye much in the same way that Cylo IV did in the comics. There are some really well-dressed people amongst them and you kinda get the feeling that they’ve been doing crime for a long time to build up to this point.

Turns out the Monger was ripping them off and he quickly settles the score between them. He says if you don’t like it you can move to Mos Eisley which is clearly still the biggest hive of scum and villainy if he’d rather live here than there. Fett travels there later on in the episode and we learn that it’s a hangout for The Pyke clan who of course had the train last week.

Cut to the title sequence before we jump to a Worrt outside of Jabba’s palace that snags a Womp Rat and bird at the same time. This moment is very similar to when we saw a Worrt doing the same thing in Return Of the Jedi and its sort of like Poetry they rhyme.

It also popped up out of the sand last week at the Tusken camp and I like that they keep introducing this.

Fett is in the Bacta tank recounting some of his old memories including Kamino when he watched his dad pop out for a pack of Smokes on Slave One. This vision was also seen during the tree scene last week and it’s clear he had a very lonely childhood. The Clones, of course, had all their quote-unquote brothers which meant they could at least form bonds but Fett’s childhood seemed to be him just spent in his room probably making Youtube videos because he has no life.

Kamino was destroyed at the end of the Bad Batch and it’s sad that he can never really return there and that his childhood home is gone.

Next, we jump to Fett riding on top of a Bantha which is a sign that one is high up within the Tuskens. Typically the one on top tends to lead and the others walk so it shows he’s been fully accepted by them. We also see the Massiff, the kid who beat him watching on and he heads out into the Dunes.

He comes across some Jawas and shoutouts Simon A Burman for pointing out that we see Stormtrooper helmets being placed onto spikes which I believe are the same ones that Mando came across in the Gunslinger episode.

We also see Pelle Motto who too appeared in that entry along with her Pit Droids. Her appearance is short and sweet but it ties the entire universe together and I love that all the paths kind of intersect at this moment.

The divide of the stormtrooper helmets also shows the power divide that is symbolic of Tattooine. Fett rides high on a Bantha and eventually, he will control a large part of the planet whereas Pelle walks along the ground because she’s just a normal person trying to get by.

Fett meets with the Pyke Syndicate and their leader mentions Oba Diah which was their homeworld. This planet was located at the end of the Kessell Run and it was one of their strongholds. They refuse to pay protection to more than one party since they already give tribute to the Kintan Striders who are the speeder bike Gang that Fett came face to face with at Toshee station.

Fett says that they won’t hear from the Nitko sand riders again and he returns to his people. During his ride back we can see the Mos Eisley skyline which contains monuments that are similar to the Japanese architecture that was referenced in the Ahsoka Tano Mandalorian episode.

Smoke rises in the sky though and Fett returns to find the Tusken home looking like when Anakin takes a visit to one to meet the kids.

Everyone has been slaughtered and the crest of the Niktos has been left behind. We saw this being spray painted in episode one and it looked like me when I was 14 and used to spray paint d**ks onto walls.

Fett burns the body, somewhat of a Tusken tradition that also mirrors the way that the Jedi do the same thing.

He leaves his weapons behind and it’s a very very sombre moment that feels like a real gut punch.

Whacked by a Wookie

Now the peace is quickly broken by the arrival of Black Krrsantan who arrives like a nightmare to kill him whilst he sleeps. Fett gets thrown against his Jetpack and we also see that there are the whistling birds on his wrist which were a weapon that Mando got in the series.

Now as for Black Krrsantan we’ve already done a full video breaking down the character but if you want a quick history of the character then this is the video for you you summoffabich.

Black Krrsantan first appeared in Darth Vader issue 1 and we learned that the Wookiee fled Kashyyk after becoming an outcast. After the events of the Revenge of The Sith, The Empire ended up taking over the planet and enslaving the locals. Black K set a trap for slavers and Trandoshans arrived on the planet to capture Wookiees in order to sell them or their pelts.

Krrsantan killed all but one and then forced him to take him to the Xonti brothers where he volunteered as a Gladiator. The Xonti Brothers ended up enslaving him though and they injected metal into his hands so that he had permanent knuckle dusters.

Krrsantan ends up electrifying spiked ones on the outside of his hand in the episode so it’s difficult to tell whether this original part of him is cannon or not. However, in the comics, he actually punched C-3PO and got electrocuted because of his hands so potentially he took them out after realising they were a weakness.

Now after he was sold, Krrsantant vowed to do to them what they’d done to him and eventually, he earned his freedom and started working as a bounty hunter.

Krrsantan first debuted alongside Boba Fett and though we can’t say for definite whether Disney is keeping all the canon or not, he is referred to as a Gladiator by Fett so the two have clearly met before.

Over the years Krrsantan ended up working with Jabba The Hutt and he even ended up fighting Obi-Wan after he put an end to Jabba’s water tax. Krrsantan kidnapped Owen Lars, aka Luke’s uncle and a young Skywalker even showed up in the issue. I think this would make an awesome episode in his upcoming Disney Plus show and if you wanna read the full fight then make sure to check out Star Wars Issue 20.

Krrsantan lost and ended up leaving Tatooine disgraced and though he did go back to working for Jabba his reputation took a lot to save. Krrsantan also worked alongside Dr Aphra for quite a big part of the comics and he even saved her life after she was jettisoned into space by Darth Vader. I’d love to see her show up in the series at some point as she’s one of the best characters from the expanded lore that has worked both for and against the Empire. I believe that when we last saw them that they were working together so it’s gonna be interesting to see how they ended up in the employ of the Hutts.

Now Krrsantan has Fett beat pretty bad but he uses his Gaffi stick which he made with the Tuskens to even the odds. However, he’s not really much of a match but luckily the gang show up to save the day. Realising that the strongest protection that Fett has is the Gammoreans he goes for the first and this is why you should always carry guns BK, should’ve just shot the lad. Krrsantan is sealed in the Rancor pit and he’s dropped through a trap door which is the same one I think that the dancer fell through Jedi.

the book of boba fett ending explained breakdown black krrsantan

Cut to a big banquet table and we see a Frog-like creature, that’s appeared in the saga as well as some calamari ey.

What’s that…it’s a wrap.

Fett needs to respond to the attempt on his life by the Twins and speak of the devil, they arrive on their litter.

We cut to Jabbas gate and I love how the opening of this looks like giant teeth, it very much gives the appearance that Jabba’s palace is the belly of the beast and it’s such a cool image.

I feel so bad for that little mouse being used as a towel and you can see it’s living in hell.

They’ve come to apologise so ey, maybe they’ve changed.

With them, they bring a Rancor along with Danny Trejo. We discover that Rancors actually imprint on the first person they see and this one’s eyes have been covered. Knowing this it actually makes sense as to why the guy in Jedi was so upset when the Rancor died because it likely saw him as a parent. We learn they’re emotionally complex creatures and that they even suffer from depression.

They’re quite peaceful unless threatened and I’d love to see Fett riding on top of one at some point in the series which he says he’d like to do too. Now it’s mentioned that The Witches Of Dathomir even rode them at one point and this could be referring to the Night Sisters which are characters that you might know from The Clone Wars.

Now in the Bad Batch, we did come across Muuchi who it was believed would be in this series but he already had his eyes open so I don’t think that they’re one and the same.

The Hutts mention that the territory was promised to another Syndicate which I’m guessing is the Pykes as they probably were also tied in with the Tusken deaths. They show up at the end of the episode and want to lay claim to the planet. I can see them becoming the big bads and ey, maybe, maybe the Hutts have changed.

You know things must be pretty bad if they’re scared enough to leave and though it could be the Pykes, deep down I hope that it’s Watto.

Now Krrsantan is brought out and it’s recommended that he get sold back to the Gladiators which is likely a nod to the Xonti brothers.

They say Tattooine is a worthless rock and that he should leave but he wishes to stay behind and basically do a Dune. Paul also had the opportunity to leave Arrakis but instead, he stayed there in an attempt to turn it into a kingdom.

Fett frees BK and we did theorise last week that he might end up joining forces with Fett at some point which I think is definitely gonna be the case after this.

Riding the Rancor

Trejo introduces Fett to the Rancor and the latter talks about feeding it a Ronto which is an animal that we saw CGI’d into A New Hope.

The blinders are taken off and the beast imprints onto Fett forming a bond together.

8D8 pops his head around like a secretary and says that The Mayor is fully booked but Boba doesn’t need an appointment. They head into town with the Bike Gang from Back To the Future 2 but alas this is a trap.

The front door staff are still there, led by David Pasquesi and doesn’t this dude just have like, Monday morning energy. This guy was pretty much my entire mood when I worked a 9-5.

The door is locked and Fennec ends up cracking it open.
In #StarWars destroying a door panel control can either open the door or close it and lock it, just depends on what you need.

Inside we see the Mayor has bolted and Fennec says the curse word Dank Ferrik which has also popped up in the Mandalorian a number of times.

Davy boy flees on a speeder and this looks like it’s the same model as the one that Han rode in at the start of Solo a Star Wars story. He doesn’t care about the Astromech, Protocol or Pit droids and we can catch a bantha there too. We also can catch what I believe is R5-D4 who you might know as being the droid whose motivator bust-up during a New Hope.

The chase is a pretty cool way to end the episode and we see as Water is splashed in the street showing that this guy doesn’t give a f**k.

The Cyborgs use their enhancements to destroy the ride and one of them flies through a painting in the street. This leads to one flying through a painting and if you take a freeze frame of it you can see that it has Salacious Crumb in it, Jabba, Bib Fortuna and also Fett on the right. I’m kind of thinking that this has been purposely done as a way to keep the legend of Jabba alive whilst also showing that Fett was somewhat just a servant to him and not a person that the people should respect.

It’s really demeaning and shows just how far the locals are going in their disrespect.

The person crashing through it however shows that that image is false.

We also see a droid ushering two Biths along and you might remember that Anakin and Padme also had one of these carry them on Tattooine in Attack Of The Clones.

He’s run off the road and we learn that the Mayor is working with the Pykes.

We see a transport come in with them on board and they arrive like an army. There’s a shot that could be a reference to the Matrix in which one of the gang checks them out in his rearview mirror before he rides off much like how Trinity did this in The Matrix after Neo was captured by Agent smith.

These are just the first wave and they bring war with them.

That means in the end IT’S ON.

Now though the Pykes are set up as the big bad, it could actually be Qi’Ra behind it who would’ve taken over the reins from Darth Maul after he was killed by Obi-Wan later on in the timeline. I’d love to see her back and it would be way cooler than just these guys. Qi’Ra could also lead to other people showing up in the series and if you wanna know who that is then check out the ending of our episode 2 video where we talk about some of the leaks.

the book of boba fett rancor ending explained breakdown

Final Thoughts

Now as for my thoughts on the episode, this was another really great one and I think the season has been so solid so far. Whenever a new Disney Plus show ends up releasing there’s often a lot of division over it and whereas I can see the criticisms being valid in a lot of the MCU shows, I think this series is really well done on a number of levels to the point I personally can’t find much fault with it.

I think at the point there’s just a lot of dislike for Star Wars in general and if you don’t like the show at this point I don’t think it’s really gonna do anything to turn you around because this is it at this point.

Now the main criticism I’ve seen is that Boba Fett has been taken from being one of the most badass characters in the galaxy to someone who’s trying to do deals and going on vision quests but to me, that’s what they needed to do. Like it or not, in the original trilogy Boba was pretty two dimensional and he was more of a cool suit that was used as a plot device rather than being an actual character.

I think this show has taken him from being that to a 3-dimensional character that has depth, learns things and also questions his own actions. This is kinda what you need in a show and if you compare the character depth of The Mandalorian Season 1 to how Djinjarring was in the 2, you can see that this evolution is needed. I really like the show and they just keep giving me more of what I like so I keep liking it.

See what I’m saying fam.

Now I know my opinion isn’t the be-all and end-all though so if you don’t like it or you do, let’s open up what you’re enjoying and not enjoying in the comments section below.

Now I’d of course love to hear your thoughts so make sure you comment below and let me know.

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If you want something else to watch then make sure you check out our breakdown of the perfect scene in Spider-Man Homecoming. We break down the entire thing so it’s definitely worth checking out if you wanna know more.

With that out the way thank you for sitting through the video, I’ve been Paul and I’ll see you next time. Take care, Peace

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