BLACK PANTHER Wakanda Forever Trailer Breakdown...

BLACK PANTHER Wakanda Forever Trailer Breakdown | Easter Eggs, Hidden Details & Characters Explained

Wakanda Forever Trailer

Black Panther Wakanda Forever has just had its first look release online and throughout this post, we’re gonna be breaking it down, going over the easter eggs in it and also the new characters and what happens to them in the comics.

This is probably my most anticipated upcoming Marvel Movie and unfortunately due to the death of Chadwick Boseman, it’s had a very difficult development period. During his battle with cancer, Chadwick kept it a secret from almost everyone around him and thus Marvel didn’t even know that he had the disease. Going back and watching his performances it’s incredible that he was even able to deliver to the level that he did and it’s a testament to how strong of a person he was. He’s obviously left a big hole and we know that this film will very much centre around the mantle being passed. Due to controversies around Leticia Wright, there’s been a lot of different rumours over whether she’s gonna get the mantle or not and from this first look it seems like there might even be multiple people vying for it. This movie is also going to be introducing Namor and RiRi Williams and it will centre around the war between Wakanda and Atlantis.


Goodbye to T’Challa

The trailer itself is extremely sombre and we open with a cover of Bob Marley’s No Woman No Cry. Marley sadly passed away at the age of 36 and us being robbed of an icon is something that feels like it might be echoing the death of Chadwick Boseman. I hope I don’t sound disrespectful there but it’s just kind of the emotion and reason behind this song choice. Really got me teary eyed and this is one of the most beautiful trailers I’ve ever watched. His imagery is laced throughout the teaser and we also get what I believe might even be the funeral of T’Challa. How he dies we don’t really get to see but there’s this strong focus on him with him even getting his own mural. They, of course, did something similar in Far From Home with Tony Stark but here it feels infinitely more impactful due to the real-life knowledge that we have about the actor.

Wakanda Forever Trailer Mural

The funeral at points comes across as a celebration with several large groups dancing but Shuri looks really sad and due to some of the shots it seems like she’s going to be taking the mantle from T’Challa. We get imagery of her standing in a great hall that’s ablaze and this reminded me a lot of Kilmongers ascension during the first film. Now there are rumours that she will make an artificial purple herb and this will be how she becomes the character.

Shuri in the Comics

Now Shuri in the comics had wanted to become The Black Panther for quite a while. She even tried to challenge for the mantle of Black Panther only to discover her brother had succeeded in becoming the one but this definitely remained one of her goals.

Later she would end up claiming her first kill by defeating Radioactive man with the Ebony Blade and would be trained by her older brother.

After the events of Dark Reign, due to an assassination attempt by Doctor Doom, T’Challa would be left in a coma. Shuri became an acting ruler and thus entitled to use the heart-shaped herb.

However, the Panther Goddess did not imbue her with powers due to a life of jealousy of her brother and attitude towards the god. She would gain the powers eventually after proving herself when fighting against the villain Morlun.

She would later die during the Time Runs Out story defending Wakanda from the Cabal. Time Runs Out is sort of a pre-requisite to Secret Wars and with us heading in that direction, it could hint at where the character is going. However, with the passing of Chadwick Boseman, I think they’ll change things around and instead keep the focus on her rather than going that route.

Introducing Namor

Now we can see Nakia standing on the beach shore and in the background you can make out either Aztec or Mayan temples.

Beaches appear at several points throughout and it of course hints at the surface meeting the ocean much like what this movie will be about.

The film is changing up Namor’s origins slightly and judging by this new look I think it works really well. Whereas DC gave us a technologically advanced Atlantis here it seems more traditional and we get several shots of him throughout.

This includes what I’m guessing is the character’s birth and we can see that he has fins on his feet. In the comics, these were the boots that he used to use to glide through the water.

Now it’s a bit ironic that he’s only getting introduced into the MCU as He’s actually one of the longest-standing characters in the Marvel Universe.

He was introduced as a character way back in 1939 before Marvel had even been founded. This was back in Motion Picture Funnies Weekly Volume 1 issue 1 which if you don’t own, you’re not a bloody real fan are you?

Now there are some similarities to his origin story as to what’s meant to be happening in the film. The source material centred around a character by Ernest Shackleton who had been sent out to get Vibranium by Winston Churchill. This is where he came across Namor aka the King Of Atlantis aka The First Mutant.

Now according to a report by Daniel RPK, Lake Bell’s character will have been given a similar mission and this is when she and her group will awaken Namor beneath the ocean. Hints towards this of course also happened in Avengers Endgame with Okoye bringing up an underwater earthquake that had many old theory times about how this was a hint to Namor.

Namor in the Comics

Now in the comics, he joined the Invaders during World War 2 after Nazi divers were discovered near Atlantis. Fighting alongside Captain America and the android Human Torch they won the war but he later returned to Atlantis to be exiled.

Later in the comics, he became a foe of the Fantastic Four, due to part of Atlantis being destroyed because of Nuclear tests. However, that didn’t stop him simping for Sue Storm who I hear in 838 is a single mother now. Anyway, after a fight with The Avengers, he found people worshipping a dude in ice and he threw this like some chump. As I’m sure you can guess this contained Steve Rogers who had fought alongside him during the second world war.

Now Namor is super powerful and also a mutant which actually found out after being told by Charles Xavier. Though he’s gonna be a villain in this he’s very much an anti-hero that constantly swaps sides. He was even in the Illuminati at one point or as they’re known in 838, the suicide squad.

Namore and Atlantis have had many face-offs against Wakanda and during the events of Avengers Vs X-Men, he went to free a mutant prisoner trapped in the African City. He swamped them using a gigantic tidal wave. Tempers died down after the event but this atrocity was not forgotten by Tchalla. Eventually, war was declared on Atlantis and I think the movie will be taking a lot of inspiration from this.

At one point in the books, Namor even lied to Thanos and said an Infinity Stone was in Wakanda just so he would attack it. This was obviously used in Infinity War but it’s gonna be interesting to see how it’s brought across.

At one point in the trailer, we see him in a full headdress the skull of which looks like it belongs to a giant sea serpent. It seems later on that Namor looks over a mural of this so potentially this could be linked to how he or his lineage gained the crown. There are also two whales with Atlantians adorned on top of them. Later on, we also see that the crown is the jaws of either a great white or possibly even a megalodon, just depends on how short Namor is, he might be 3 feet tall or something.

Now we see the Atlanteans at several points and unlike Namor, it seems like the majority of them have blue skin. This pulls directly from the comics and most of the Atlanteans were blue which is why he stood out so much.

It looks like they also need masks when on the surface whereas we see that Namor doesn’t. This is laced throughout the trailer and potentially as he’s a high born he can breathe oxygen.

Other Character Appearances 

There are also lots of shots of characters’ backs and this gives us an almost POV perspective of them as we follow the characters walking through the trailer.

At one point they arrive at what seems to be Wakanda and they end up facing off against Mbaku.

Now the trailer is big and bombastic and Shuri you can’t be serious if you think several people won’t be vying for the crown.

Now Shuri will likely take up the mantle but I kinda hope that M’Baku does too. He was definitely a stand-out in the first film and he of course fought heavily during Infinity War.

I think with Chadwicks passing as well it’s difficult to find anyone who can take over it without someone somewhere complaining about it like it’s the She-Hulk CGI so they could make it a shared title.

Unfortunately, Daniel Kaluuya won’t be featuring in the movie due to scheduling conflicts which sucks as I’d love to have seen him in the film, especially with how much he’s done since the original released.

It also seems like we get them sending a tidal wave in and we get some awesome action scenes. Obviously, people from the surface fighting people from the ocean is a big juxtaposition and it’s gonna be interesting to see how they balance it out

Picking Up The Pieces 

Now laced throughout is this feeling that the kingdom itself is down on its luck. Ramonda has stepped up as queen in the wake of the death of her husband and son and clearly, she’s lost a lot which leads to a very powerful scene. She visits the UN which is of course how the last movie ended. We see those around her wearing masks mirroring the Atlantean ones. I think these likely have symbolic meaning though and they also put their mics down too whilst hers remains up. Maybe in their grief, they’ve taken a vow of silence but it is a bit difficult to fully guess what’s going on in a two-second shot.


Amongst the trailer, we also get what I’m guessing is the expedition to unearth either Atlantis or the vibranium. There’s also what appears to be a mercenary outfit attacking Wakandans. At one point it looks like a distress call might be put out which judging by this merc’s face he’s shocked by. Purely guessing here but I think this might be a way to show Shuri saving them but ey, let me know your thoughts below. It seems later on that they get saved by the Dora Milaje but I’d love to see Shuri introduced as the Black Panther here too

Ironheart Beginnings?

At this point, we also see Shuri meeting Riri Williams.

RiRi Williams aka Ironheart first appeared in Invincible Iron Man (Vol. 3) #7. She is a super genius and gained early admission to MIT.

She would experience tragedy when her best friend and stepfather were shot in a drive-by in Chicago where they lived.

She would eventually build her own suit of armour using outdated Iron Man parts and stolen parts from MIT. This led to security trying to confront her only for her to escape in her Model 1 suit similar to Tony’s Mark 1. The movie seems to be changing this up quite a bit as she seems to be using parts of a car. We can also see that she has the diamond-like arc-reactor that Tony used in Endgame so potentially she ended up getting this from the compound or after he handed it over to cap.

Tony Stark took an interest in her armour-building hobby and would recruit her to help fight against Captain Marvel during Civil War 2.

After Tony fell into a coma during the battle she decided to continue his legacy and took the name Ironheart.

As Ironheart she joined the Champions along with other MCU hero Ms Marvel and joined the Underground to fight against the doppelganger Captain America in Secret Empire.

She hammers out a heart and I can’t wait to see what they do with her here before her Disney plus series.

Then we get Everett Bloody Ross before ending on Black Panther unsheathing their claws.

Again I am guessing this is Shuri but it might not be at the same time so don’t kill me if it’s not.

Wakanda Forever Trailer




My Thoughts

Now as for my thoughts on the trailer I wanna go through them before I talk about a big leak in the movie and what’s been said about the character turning up at the end.

I’ll make it obvious before we get into that though so you don’t find out that it was Agatha All Along…wait cut that cut that.

Anyway, this was a real blast to watch and at this point, the movie almost feels like it’s an underdog. Obviously, the first one was a major success but the sequel has had so many setbacks that I really want it to do well. And it looks great too, they’ve got a really strong vibe going on with it and I think it’s not only gonna honour Chadwick but also build upon his legacy to cement it.

Really blown away by this first look, it feels like one of the best trailers I’ve ever seen and I dunno if I’m overly emotional or what, but yeah, hype levels are at an all-time high.

News Leak 

Now as for the leak on the film this comes courtesy of Daniel RPK who talked about several of the major plot points in the movie. However, the one I wanna go over is the ending and who is revealed in it.

If you don’t wanna know then check out now but if you do then I wanna tell you you’re in the right place, this is the heavy spoilers show.

Anyway according to Daniel Lake Bell’s character will be revealed to have been hired by none other than Doctor Doom.

He will apparently appear at the end of the movie in a comic book accurate costume before we cut to black.

Now what he wants with Atlantis we don’t fully know yet but with Fantastic Four also coming soon it seems like we’re gonna be all building towards secret wars. After the multiverse cracked open he became an emperor of the fractured timelines and though they could also be doing that with Kang I think Doom fits the comics more.

Anyway, that’s the main leak circulating around the film and obviously, I’d love to hear your thoughts on the trailer and also the Hall H panel as well.


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