Avengers Endgame: 10 NEW Amazing Secret Details...

Avengers Endgame: 10 NEW Amazing Secret Details We Learned From The Directors Commentary | Plot Holes Explained

avengers endgame hidden easter eggs from the directors commentary explained

With the digital release of Avengers: Endgame making its way across the multiverse we have some extra details about the film from the director’s commentary provided with the film.

Throughout this, I’ll be breaking down the top 10 details that the Russo Brothers dropped about the film during their discussion as well as giving my thoughts on the reveals.

With that out the way let’s get into my breakdown of the Avengers: Endgame commentary.

1. How Captain Marvel Found The Ship

Ok so first up is a big point of contention about the opening half-hour of the film, most notably to do with Captain Marvel. Miraculously she seemed to appear out of nowhere to save Tony Stark and Nebula from death by boredom and one of the big criticism lobbied at the film is how did she know whereabouts they were, I mean space is a big place right?

Well, it turns out that in an off-screen scene, Rocket told her about a homing beacon that she was able to use to find them and thus get Tony home in time to call Cap a Liar and go off to live in the woods.

This definitely helps to clear up one of the biggest plot holes in the film and whilst it would have been nice to see this on-screen, I guess we can kinda draw our own conclusions over this. Ultimately I would have loved for Tony to get himself out of the situation similar to the cave scene from Iron-Man one but I guess the characters had to meet in some way so this sort of bridges the gap.

avengers endgame hidden easter eggs from the directors commentary explained

2. Hulk’s Favorite Ice Cream

Next up comes a huge easter egg that no one seems to have spotted at all till the directors pointed it out. This comes in the Hulk introduction scene when we first see what Bruce Banner has become and when the group are sitting around the diner table you will notice that Hulk is eating some Hunka Hulka Burnin’ Fudge ice cream.

This is, of course, a massive call back to Infinity War when Bruce discovered that he’d had an ice cream named after him. I have no idea why Ben & Jerry’s haven’t made this and the Stark Raving Hazelnut yet but someone needs to Snap their marketing team out of existence right now.

Anyway, I love this easter egg and it’s such a subtle little nod to the wider universe that really lets you know why kids still wanna take selfies with the big lean green machine.

3. Skinny Stark

Back to the opening of the film, and the directors revealed that Tony Stark’s scene on Earth in which he busts down how he and the rest of the Avengers are all failures was heavily edited with CGI to make Tony appear skinny and malnourished.

Joe Russo revealed that:

“The intent here was to make you believe, if momentarily, that we may actually kill Tony Stark at the start of the film.”

Damn if only he’d had some of that Stark Raving Hazlenut….am I right? Haha come on….that was a good one…anyway I’ll move on.

avengers endgame easter eggs

4. Hawkeye Was Originally In Infinity War

Next up is quite a big one from the film in which the Russo Brothers revealed that the scene with Hawkeye and his daughter was actually in Infinity War and was going to be one of the last shots of the film.

However, the two said that they cut this because they thought it was too disorientating for audiences to go to two characters that hadn’t featured in the film thus they saved it for the start of this.

I do agree with this as the pacing of this scene is a little slow and to end on it would’ve probably diminished the ending so I think it was right to save it for this and then it is built upon in the Ronan arc. Either way, it’s a nice little bit of information that reminds us just how closely intertwined these two films are when scenes can be swapped back and forth from them.

5. How Thanos Got To The Present

Another big plot hole that people have questioned is how did Thanos manage to get from 2014 to 2023. During the commentary, The Russos revealed that on his ship he and Ebony Maw had managed to reverse engineer the Pym Particle and this is how they were able to move through time.

As Rocket hilariously says to Stark during the film, Tony is only a genius on Earth and we know that Thanos is cursed with knowledge so it makes sense that he would be able to do such a thing with the technology on his ship and I’m glad that this was finally confirmed by the directors.

hulk busting out of hulk buster scene

6. Smart Hulk’s First Appearance

Now cast your mind back to Infinity War once more, you might remember that around the time there were several toys released that originally showed Hulk busting out of The Hulkbuster armor but we never got an indication of this, even in the Infinity War extras until now.

Stephen McFeely who was a screenwriter on both Infinity War and Endgame revealed the following in the commentary for the latest film:

“The whole arc of the story was Banner and Hulk were not getting along. Hulk wouldn’t come out to help him. And at his hour of greatest need, they make some sort of compromise, and Smart Hulk rips out of the armor and beats the crap out of Cull Obsidian and destroys him.”

“It was pretty clear that the movie could not handle this weird success, The movie needed to just stay in its succession of losses in the third act, which meant some hustling on the part of VFX late in the game.”

So, we could have gotten Smart Hulk a lot earlier, however, I actually think the delay and quick snap to him that we get in Endgame works a lot better and though the action figure is amazing, I’m glad that they held off on this.

7. How Iron Man Removed The Stones

Watching Thanos snap his fingers only to turn round the gauntlet to see that the stones weren’t there is an awesome moment in the film and definitely one of the most satisfying points in the entire MCU, however, many wondered how Tony actually managed to get a hold of the stones.

In the commentary, we actually learned that Tony’s suits are able to talk to each other and that Stark was able to use the nanotechnology in his armor to strip the stone from Thanos and then form them himself.

This could be another reason why Tony was the one capable of saving the universe and it adds to why Strange was so desperate to save him at the end of Infinity War.

8. Thanos Killed The Avengers

Christopher Markus the other screenwriter on the film revealed that after reverse-engineering the Pym particle that he traveled through time and first killed a younger, more inexperienced version of the avengers and then traveled to 2023 and threw Captain America’s severed head at the Avengers when they approached him.

I’ve covered this scene in more detail so definitely check that video out if you want to know more but I can see why it was cut.

First off it would have made more sense to throw Thor’s head at him and second yeah far too many beheadings for a Disney movie.

avengers endgame plot holes

9. Nebula Doesn’t Know Exactly How Gamora Died

Another big point of contention around the film was that Nebula didn’t tell Black Widow and Hawkeye that in order to get the soul stone that one of them would have to sacrifice their life. McFeely used the commentary to clear this plot point up and stated that though Nebula knew of Gamora’s death, she didn’t know how it happened and that it was in relation to the Soul Stone, hence why she didn’t really advise them before going.

This makes a lot of sense as Nebula may be an A-hole but she’s not, and I’m quoting her here, a complete dick.

10. When Steve Arrived

And finally you might not have been able to see because of the tears in your eyes but at the end of the movie, when Cap and Peggy finally dance with one another, the house of the door is open because this is literally the first thing that they do when he arrives there.

It’s a really nice little detail that tops of the film and lets you know that they finally have each other and aren’t wasting any time.

Your Thoughts

And that’s the ten amazing details we learned from the director’s commentary of Avengers Endgame. Let me know which one was your favorite and if there’s anything else in the film that I missed out be sure to leave it in the comments section below.

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